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Moving to Reading / Wokingham

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djinthailand Sun 26-Jun-11 18:13:59

Hi everyone, I'm new here and really hope you can help me it. I'm currently living in the US but I'm due to move back to the UK at the end of the year. My husband has taken a job in Thames Valley Park. Unfortunately we don't know that area at all. I'm spending hours on the internet looking at houses for sale and schools for my 4 and 6 year old children. I've seen some nice houses I want to check out in the summer but because I don't know the areas it's all a bit daunting. From what I've read I quite like the look of Wokingham, Purley on Thames, Twyford and Woodcote. Does anybody have any views on these places or any other suggestions of places I should be looking? I've also seen houses in Charvil and Finchampstead. I'm excited about the move but I want to make sure we end up in the right spot, nice area with plenty to do and good schools. Look forward to reading your views.

dumbelina Mon 27-Jun-11 16:33:14

As far as schools are concerned, Wokingham borough is your best bet - most of the schools are good, although from the ages of your children you will struggle to get them into the best primaries - they are all full up from the first applications in catchment and vacancies are few and far between - my neighbour's dc has been on the waiting list for three years for our local primary, they moved into catchment too late to submit an application, so their dc goes to a school further away. Three years on she is still only 4th on the waiting list, it seems once people move here, they stay here until their kids have finished school!

djinthailand Mon 27-Jun-11 16:59:39

Thanks dumbelina. It is a huge worry about the schools but I guess I'm not going to have much choice over it. As long as they're happy in the school we get in then I'm sure they'll do well wherever they are. I've seen a house in Wokingham that I want to view but can't get there for another 3 or 4 weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will still be on the market by then!

dumbelina Tue 28-Jun-11 15:31:55

It's all relative I suppose - in general all the primaries in the Wokingham council area are good, but the top ones are oversubscribed (Aldrygton in Earley and Hawthorns in Wokingham for example). Radstock school in Earley has almost the same results as Aldrygton, but is bigger, so may have places.

djinthailand Fri 15-Jul-11 17:58:13

I've been trawling the property websites and there seems to be a lot of houses coming in on Nine Mile Ride and Finchampstead in general. Does anybody have any idea what this area is like? Also, I've seen a gorgeous house for sale in Emmer Green, but I don't know anything about that area at all. Could somebody please fill me on what it's like. I quite like the idea of living in a village which has a vibrant community spirit. I once visited Woodcote and thought that seemed pretty nice - a couple of pubs, cricket club etc. What are your views? I'd really appreciate any thoughts you have.

nancerama Mon 18-Jul-11 08:21:27

I grew up in the Wokingham area and now live in Caversham. In my experience, both areas you are looking at are great options. A few friends have moved to Emmer Green when they became parents due to the good primary school.

However, although on a map Emmer Green looks very close to Thames Valley Park, the rush hour drive is horrific as Reading traffic is so very congested. Unless is happy to leave home at 7am to beat the rush, you may find Wokingham/Finchampsted to be the better option.

Happy house hunting.

djinthailand Wed 20-Jul-11 14:52:50

Thanks nancerama. Dh is hoping to cycle to work most days so this may get round the traffic problem. I think we'll have a drive around all areas and see which we like to look of.

aditi Wed 19-Sep-12 08:10:47

Thanks for sharing all the infromation about Wokingham and Reading areas.

Need help in deciding between Aldryngton and Radstock Primary School.

Moving to rental property in Aldryngton catchment will cost us £6000 more as compared to property in Radstock catchment.

Is it worth to spend this amount? DH can afford easily, but I am just thinking if it is really worth?


sinam123 Sat 26-Apr-14 20:54:00

Hi aditi,
I wanted to know if you finally decided on Aldryngton or Radstock Primary School?

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