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Are there any bad primary schools in WGC

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chicletteeth Wed 22-Jun-11 20:25:44


my husband and I are thinking of moving to WGC and we had noticed that the ofsteds for each school (that pop up on rightmove when you are looking at a house) all seem to be pretty good. The odd 1 (outstanding), mostly 2's (good) and I think just a couple of 3's.

This seems too good to be true really so I was wondering if they are all on the whole all decent schools, or if there are some that are less so and should probably be avoided?

Any insight or advice would be great since if we move we will be putting my DS2 down for his spot this Jan and we will also need to find a spot for DS1.

Thanks in advance.

PersonalClown Wed 22-Jun-11 20:28:29

What schools were you thinking?
I'm WGC born and bred...and still here!! grin

pinguina Wed 22-Jun-11 20:37:12

Watching with interest - DD1 will start next year and am very uncertain: St Mary's in Welwyn, St John's in Digswell or Harwood Hill? From talking to people, I assumed that St John's was good, but the Ofsted report gave it just 3 - whilst Harwood Hill (which I had never heard about) is outstanding...? We live close to Monks Walk school so too far for Templewood. What do you think?
Thanks for any advice!

chicletteeth Wed 22-Jun-11 21:04:50

Damn, just typed it all out and it disappeared before my eyes.

Here goes

One house we're looking at is near Springmead and Watchlytes (both oftsted 2 and within 0.5 miles from house). Springmead is ever so slightly closer.

Panshanger Primary is 0.7 miles away from this house.

Another house; the closest schools are Commonswood and Swallows Dell..

I'm asking just because I always look at the schools near the house and then I look at what might be offered if my eldest (currently in year 1 so won't get first choice since he's joining mid-year) doesn't get into one close, and they all seemed to be ok.

My middle boy starts next Sept so we can obviously put down our choices and depending on if we need it, we could put DS1 down for a spot using the sibling rule.

Any insight you have on any of these schools, or just ones to avoid would be most appreciated.

many thanks

PersonalClown Wed 22-Jun-11 21:29:47

Springmead and Watchlytes are good. Friends have had their children there.

I would avoid Swallow Dell personally. Not a great track record.
Commonswood is really good. I went there! A few of the local kids go their and it's still really good.

Pinguina- Have you considered Homerswood School off Kirklands? It has really improved in the last few years. Harwood is a good school too.

pinguina Thu 23-Jun-11 09:27:18

I hadn't actually considered Homerswood - everyone I talked to recommended St John's and St Mary's mainly... Do you know how they rate? Thanks!

Curlylox Tue 12-Jul-11 21:26:04

I can vouch for Welwyn St Marys - very good school.

Mummy2bAgain Sun 24-Jul-11 16:59:19

Swallow Dell is quite good now! My son is there, going into yr2 in september and i put him in the school because a family i nanny'd for had their children there. It has improved and continues to do so!

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