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Overnight "babysitter" for older DC - does such a thing exist round these parts?

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DogsBestFriend Sun 19-Jun-11 13:13:22

I have/had plans to go away on Friday, in order to attend a wedding on Saturday morning (which starts too early for me to leave home on the Saturday). This would mean leaving my 14 and 16 yos behind in our Cambridge-area home and so I'd lined up someone to stay over at my house with the girls. But, I've just been told that they can no longer do it so now I'm stuck.

Does anyone know of any agency/individual who offers an overnight "babysitting" service to older children please?


reddaisy Sun 19-Jun-11 21:01:15

Can't you pack them off to their friend's house for the night instead? It would be cheaper for you!

DogsBestFriend Tue 21-Jun-11 10:20:01

No can do I;m afraid. DD2 doesn't kmow anyone that well locally and besides I have dogs who'll need taking care of at home.

MovingAndScared Tue 21-Jun-11 14:49:53

there are house/dog sitting agencies in cambridge maybe thet would take on teenagers as well!

Nosleepandinpitofdespair Thu 23-Jun-11 18:17:30

Could try Tinies - they are a nanny agency which does temp and emergency work too.

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