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Curriculum for Excellence

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kaumana Tue 14-Jun-11 21:35:33

Hi all,

I know that the majority posting here have young children but please check out this thread as it will impact you in the future.

kaumana Tue 14-Jun-11 21:36:55

I don't understand why my links don't work, if anyone could convert it I'd be thankful.

PotPourri Tue 14-Jun-11 21:37:53

CatherinaJTV Wed 15-Jun-11 09:58:31

Yikes - have one in P6 and all I had noticed so far is that they dropped all (official) assessments for a non-descript "traffic light" system (they are still testing though - DS just had his reading assessed "just for school use"). I always found it very difficult to get a straight word out of my kids' teachers about their performance (have one who has just entered S5 and is worried for her little brother - after browsing the above thread, I am worried, too)

Groovee Wed 15-Jun-11 14:33:50

I currently have a P6 and P4 and know that some parents have been upset about the levels being dropped as I know people aren't convinced by the new layout. I work in Early Years and we've slowly been changing over to CfE for quite sometime but it's still been landed on us in a way which is hard to understand.

Dd will be going to a high school where choices are made for S2 allowing them to sit half the exams in S3 and the other half in S4 relieving the pressure and my concern is how they will replace what has worked in giving children qualifications which were guaranteed.

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