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Moving to St George

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howiwonder Tue 14-Jun-11 19:01:47

Hi All,
am making the big move from London to Bristol this Summer with DH and DS, 16 months. we have just got a house in the St George area, really near the park. Very Excited!

Just wondered if there are any other mums in or near St George who can give me the lowdown on the area, whats on, any playgroups etc. Or any fun stuff in Bristol generally that a billy no mates newcomer might like to know smile

Thanks x

p1001 Thu 16-Jun-11 20:56:15

Hi there

Congragulations on your move - we've been in St George for the past 9 years and it's fab - you'll really enjoy it. Loads of people have been moving in recently and the park has a great new play area and cafe plus rennovated tennis courts and children/adult tution. Grounded cafe is where everyone meets (plus live music on mon nights) and while the pubs have not quite caught up the ones on the borders of Easton have a great vibe. Troopers Hill is a unique heathland area bordering the river avon and is full of wildlife - they often have childrens storytelling and bug hunts - this summer they are having Forest Child days - plus it's the best place in Bristol to watch the Balloon Festival. Conham River park is a hidden gem - beautiful countryside and Besses tea rooms (you ring a bell and they send a little boat across for you!). The schools are really good - mine are at Summerhill but Air Balloon and St Patricks both have great reputations. Bit out of the baby stuff now but the community centre has a baby/toddler group as does Bethesda church on Church road - probably loads more but DS is 9 now so not got my finger on the pulse! Lots of arty stuff happening - going on the easton art trail this weekend and Redfest is happening this september - music, arts etc etc.
Good luck with the move

howiwonder Thu 16-Jun-11 22:45:30

Thanks so much for that great info!

Feeling really excited about the move now - hadnt actually heard of Troopers Hill or Conham River park, sound lovely. The house in St George was a bit of a snap decision, we are renting so just quickly went for somewhere that ticked as many boxes as possible, without necessarily mulling it over too much. However, everything I'm reading about the area now is making me think we made a great choice!
just cant wait to get on with it now.

TheArmadillo Thu 16-Jun-11 22:52:32

cheeky monkeys is supposed to be fab and very welcoming- lot of mums with children meet there during the week. i think both bristol mummies (forum) and netmums do meet ups there (often together - they're happy for anyone to join in).

I'm a bit further down the road in Kingswood only really know St George from a distance. Lovely area - good for shops.

howiwonder Fri 17-Jun-11 19:15:29

cheeky monkeys looks good, thanks Armadillo - no doubt will be trying that out once we move.
looked up bristol mummies and seems the forum may have closed down now, but im already signed up to the local netmums meet ups, seems like theyre quite active.

eyethangyou Sat 25-Jun-11 21:04:46

Hello from Redfield! There's lots of good playgroups round here. I have a 23mo so if you like PM me when you land in the West and I'll give you the lowdown.

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