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Nurseries in Royston area and/or Granta Park

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Ruthski2 Mon 13-Jun-11 21:38:55

Hi, I'm relocating soon to Royston and would be really grateful if anyone had any reviews of nurseries in that area (good or bad), or of the one at Granta Park near Cambridge. I have a 21 month old daughter that I need to find a place for from August onwards. Many thanks for all your help!

BettyBleu Tue 14-Jun-11 00:00:55

I'd have reservations using the nursery at Granta Park purely because in the past Granta Park has been 'visited' by Animal Rights protesters. None of this has any relation to the nursery and I don't think that there have been any incidents in recent years but it would put me off.

Is Babraham too far out of the way - it received an Outstanding Ofsted report this year. Sorry, don't know anything about the nurseries in your area.

Lancelottie Tue 14-Jun-11 11:16:06

Babraham would be nearer than Granta (just!) and certainly was lovely when we used it several years back; might have quite a waiting list though.

Ruthski2 Tue 14-Jun-11 21:43:41

Thanks ladies, that's really helpful, I'll definitely have a look at Babraham then.

LaCerbiatta Wed 15-Jun-11 14:37:00

Well Babraham used to get a visit from Animal Rights Protesters a couple of times a month.... Not sure about lately

Lancelottie Wed 15-Jun-11 19:50:27

Personally I'd credit most protestors with knowing the difference between a nursery and a lab on either site (but yes, both are science parks; Babraham IIRC has 'sheep can recognise people' as one of its claims to fame).

Lilymaid Wed 15-Jun-11 21:16:52

I didn't know there'd been protesters at Granta Park ... and DH has worked there for years. I know that Babraham has had many protesters over the years but I've not heard of any major problems resulting from protests there.

Lancelottie Thu 16-Jun-11 09:41:40

No, I haven't heard of any protests at Granta either.

Ruthski2 Thu 16-Jun-11 13:43:48

Hi, that's good to know, thanks.

SarkyLady Thu 16-Jun-11 13:48:53

Bumpkins just outside Royston is excellent. Has a long waiting list.

Little hands (several sites including Melbourn) is fantastic but only 9-4 I think.

BettyBleu Thu 16-Jun-11 13:56:11

Had no idea that Babraham Nursery was on a research site, I'd seen the sign for it when driving past Babraham and assumed that it was in the village - sorry.

I worked at Granta Park in the early 2000's when there were some incidents. My concern wasn't that the Nursery would be targeted more that sometimes sites go into lock down when there is a security threat.

changeroo Thu 16-Jun-11 20:25:03

DD is very happy at Bumpkins in Whaddon. I think it is lovely, the staff seem fully engaged with the children and I am really comfortable leaving her there. I seem to remember that there is a nursery in Sawston which is quite close to Granta Park.

Ruthski2 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:20:52

Thanks to all for your helpful comments. Royston/Cambridge nurseries all seem to be very busy with little space unfortunately grin(
Anybody have any experience with Hedgerows in Royston, it's quite new, only opened in November I believe but they have space....

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