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What is the going rate for babysitting in Bristol?

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EveryonesJealousOfGingers Mon 13-Jun-11 10:28:26

I have no idea, my friend's daughter is sitting for us from 7pm til 12.30 on Sat - how much should we be paying her? Or should I ask her what she normally charges? This is my first time paying a sitter and I don't want to make a faux pas! smile

RitaMorgan Mon 13-Jun-11 10:32:31

Is she a teenager? I'd think around £5-£6 an hour.

exexpat Mon 13-Jun-11 10:40:11

I've paid friends' teenagers about £5-£6 an hour too, a bit more for an older babysitter. Agency rates are higher, I think. And are you taking her home? Or paying for a taxi, since it is late?

EveryonesJealousOfGingers Mon 13-Jun-11 11:25:45

Yeah she's 18, studying and living at home. We are picking her up, leaving a pizza in the fridge and sending her back in a taxi!

bristolbabysitting Thu 30-Jun-11 15:37:58

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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