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NCT Harpenden, yes or no

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ColleenEatsVeg Sun 12-Jun-11 18:57:43

Okay I mean this question in the nicest way. I have let lots of lovely people in Harpenden in social clubs before, mainly a slimming club, after living here for almost two years. My DH and I are city workers, we arent upper middleclass, we don't have a huge house and live very modestly in (on the surface) seems to be a very wealthy village.

So when looking at the NCT classes and the prices its something I like to go to but was worried about how humble the other couples will be. I will be honest its a pretty penny for ann classes but when you break them down they are that expensive but always worry I will be attending am elite society of bankers wives. Anyone have any feedback on feedback of the classes?

edam Sun 12-Jun-11 19:01:00

I'm in Harpenden too. Didn't do NCT as we had ds in London, but my friends who did enjoyed it and still meet up with their groups. I know what you mean about Harpenden being full of wealthy people but there are those of us who are less minted. And some of the minted ones are nice and friendly, honest!

edam Sun 12-Jun-11 19:04:20

The parents at ds's school (state primary) have jobs such as lawyers, accountants, teachers, doctors. There's a few who do other things but a very high proportion of all those professions. (Teachers mostly female married to accountants, lawyers, doctors and City types.) But they are a very nice bunch, honestly!

ColleenEatsVeg Sun 12-Jun-11 20:03:59

Thank for the replies, I am not against any profession or rich people smile just know it's a wealthy area and didn't want to be treated like an outcast at NCT. Sometimes I wonder where the wealthy hang out. I haven't seen them out to eat, at community events, the pool, at the hairdressers ... Outside of the walkways on the highstreet and I haven't seen them. We are walkers so when we arent commuting to London we use the high street for everything.

510fudge Thu 11-Aug-11 21:52:11

I live in Harpenden and consider myself very normal. The people I met at our NCT class were down to earth and lovely and some of us are really good friends now and I rely on them a lot. I also know another NCT class very well and they are in the same category.

HalleLouja Sat 13-Aug-11 22:54:46

First of all I am on the NCT committee.

I know 2 of the teachers - and they are lovely. The course I went on (refresher) was great and I have met lots of lovely down to earth people. We weren't force fed having a natural birth and we must breastfeed.

There are other ways to meet new mums like bumps and babes and newcomers social. So if you don't do a class you won't be totally left out. With my first DC I didn't do a course as baby arrived too early and still managed to form a lovely group of friends so its not the only way.

If you want to PM me for more info - do. I live in Wheathampstead where we run coffee mornings and that is a good way to meet people too.

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