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All-inclusive party venue for 6 year old boys?

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TheHouseofMirth Sun 12-Jun-11 18:51:49

It's DS's 6th birthday in 3 weeks and I was planning a party at home but we can't get the guest list down from 14 and I won't fit them all in the house.

Eddie Catz has availability but I suspect DS might feel he's a bit too grown up for that now. Tolworth Recreation Centre do trampoline and sports challenge parties which he'd enjoy but are booked up. DS doesn't like football and I don't think bowling would work either.

Any suggestions?

FebreezeYourJeans Sun 12-Jun-11 20:51:24

What were you going to be doing in your house if you had got the numbers down? Can't you just do the same, but in a large church hall?

TheHouseofMirth Sun 12-Jun-11 21:32:10

We were going to do a home-made science party plus some traditional party games.

We could do it in a hall but in my experience that number of children take some controlling and when you add the cost of the hall hire to the food and party bags it'll be not far off what it it would cost to go to an all-inclusive venue but with more hassle.

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