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Just moved to Clarkston, need some local knowledge

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headlikeasieve Thu 09-Jun-11 13:54:53


I have just got the keys to our new house in Clarkston and need to do all the boring stuff like finding doctors, vets, hairdressers, salons, supermarkets, etc etc

I could really use some advice on doctors in the area. I have been with my current one since I was in my Mum's belly so I'm upset to leave them but they are going to be too far away to keep. I need a GP that listens to me, takes me seriously, and gives me credit for having some knowledge and sense and agrees that I know my body best. I would prefer a young female doctor. (You can probably tell I've been let down before by doctors, not my GP though)

The next most important thing would be vets. I am really close to Creature Comforts pet store so will pop in there soon but the more opinions the better, we have a big dog that needs space and a strong arm!

Where is the closest/best supermarket? All I know of is M&S and Asda in Newton Mearns, I don't know where the new Waitrose is/will be (is it built yet?), and is East Kilbride easy to shop in? I'm a Sainsburys kinda person.

I guess that will do for now, but appreciate any and all advice, thanks guys smile

bethelbeth Thu 09-Jun-11 23:59:24

Would love to hear too. We've just moved into the area as well and need to get a gp and dentist.

Waitrose is at Newton Mearns and is lovely, there's also a Morrisons in Giffnock and a Whole Foods store is in the process of being built. There's a Tesco Express at Clarkston Toll.

East Kilbride is easy to shop in, but whether the shops you are looking for are there is another thing entirely- the M&S , for example, seems to only stock some of their clothes. The range is better in Glasgow and about the same distance away. The retail park is quite good though, with TK MAXX, Sainsbury's and B&Q etc.

Hairdressers are the holy grail, I haven't tried any of the ones in Clarkston but Rainbow Room have a good, if pricey, reputation.

I have a 19 month old DD, feel free to come and join me on pram hikes- we are just at the other end of the Toll from you. (I am still getting lost alllll the time.)

Bunnynamedstanely Fri 10-Jun-11 00:04:06

Can't help on doctors or vets but I have friends in the area so I thought I'd help with the shopping part and not leave your post unanswered. The shopping centre in Newton Mearns is nice and has a variety of shops, cafes etc. There is a Sainsburys at the Kingsgate Retail park in Ek. The Waitrose is in Newton Mearns and has recently opened (I believe).

East Kilbride shopping centre has a wide variety of stores but personally I'm not that keen on it. I much prefer the new Silverburn shopping centre (you pass it on the motorway out of NM on the way to Glasgow) It's a lovely centre (great breastfeeding room!) and a nice selection of stores. Parking is free and there is massive Tescos on site too. It has a website so you can google.

Best wishes in your new home.

vouvrey Fri 10-Jun-11 00:12:17

huge Sainsbury's off the M77 J3 at Darnley (just go straight along Eastwoodmains road from the toll or there's a nice new big Morrisons in Giffnock

SilkySilky Sun 19-Jun-11 09:54:30

I used to use a modern dentist on main street up the lane beside tesco metro. Yuille and something it was called.

letsgetloud Sun 19-Jun-11 21:51:49

Yuille and Ireland they are called. Quite tricky finding it off the main road but if you go down the lane at the side of butchers you will get there.

I am in Williamwood medical centre. Doctors etc. very pleasant but unless you are willing to take an emergency appointment you can wait for a week and a half for an appointment.

I grocery shop in asda in newton mearns, tesco in silverburn or sainsbury's in Darnley.

I quite like East Kilbride shopping centre. It has cheaper shops than silverburn, ie. 99p shops and primark. I have a few kids so they love spending pocket money in the 99p shops and I also use it as bribery when desperate.

East Kilbride also has the more expensive shops as well as the cheap ones.

I have used the hairdressers down the lane from Creature Comforts and it was ok.I have also used the other hairdressers a couple of blocks down from creature comforts for a spray tan which was good.

I have eaten in Skinny Malinkey but don't really rate the food. Clark and Sons food is gorgeous.

Anyhow, welcome to Clarkston.

iknowanoldlady Wed 29-Jun-11 10:04:19

I live in Newton Mearns but am registered at Carolside Medical centre - always get an appointment easily and evey doctor I've met has been brilliant. Niggle is that I don't have a lot of time for the health visitor but time with her is limited and think the doctors are worth putting up with her for.
Think everyone else has covered the shopping points, so hope you are enjoying getting to know the area. I am not particularly'local' myself, moved here about two years ago.

headlikeasieve Tue 05-Jul-11 10:59:23

Thanks for the welcome and best wishes!

I still haven't found a gp but have got a bit more familiar with the shops. I think slilverburn is great if shopping for an occasion and ek is ok for every day stuff and for dd but I don't think I saw the retail park. I've been waitrose and asda in newton mearns, morrisons in giffnock and sainsburys in darnley and tesco at silverburn so I'm not short on supermarkets!

We haven't really eaten locally yet, ordered a pizza from pizza hut which dd thought was ok (I don't like them anyway), I got a few take aways as the kitchen was (still is) a mess so know the indian on busby road is nice as is the chippy near by but the cantonese wasn't nice.

I found the library the other day and used a beauticians near the toll which I'm not sure about yet. The council has been quite helpful and full of useful information.

I'll have to try some local restaurants now for 'research' purposes ;)

bethelbeth Fri 08-Jul-11 21:16:21

We got Chinese from joy bowl the other day and it was ok. Clark and sons- we haven't been yet but it's sister restaurant Citation in the Merchant City is rubbish.
The bank has a very good reputation as does giottos from what I can piece together.
My cousin is adamant that the 3 in 1 at the toll does the best Indian.
We are still figuring it all out as well but great to hear you're getting settled in!

whatsthat Sun 10-Jul-11 15:26:52

If you're still looking for a hairdresser, theres a good 1 at top of Victoria Road called Mirror Image. Girls name is Christine. I've been going for years and wouldn't trust another soul with my hair!

KristinaM Sat 23-Jul-11 21:33:09

Castle, Simons and board man, 77 busby road ( near clarkston station). dr alix board man is young and female.

Best chip pie is the one at shed dens roundabout

Our neighbours use the vets at Rouke Glen for their large boisterous dog

KristinaM Sat 23-Jul-11 21:41:18

Your nearest sainsbos is at darnley or kings gate in east Kilbride

If you have money to burn wait rose in Newton means is vair nice

NerthleeChildminder Wed 31-Aug-11 22:21:27

You want to see you Giorgos who has just joined the John Quinn salon at the Sheddens Roundabout. Great cut and brilliant colourist.
Eat is fab for coffee/cake/food and does dinner party worthy food!
Further down Clarkston Road is La Brava (next to Netherlee school), again great coffee/food and very friendly. Kiddie friendly too.
Visit Gillian at Whispers for fab bra's.

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