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CM Twickenham - on a major budget!!

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willow3006 Wed 08-Jun-11 19:10:10

Hi there

I've been posting on the Childcare thread and someone on there suggested starting a post on here just in case. I've just found out I'm expecting twins. This is my first pregnancy and I must admit, I've been completely overwhelmed by how much childcare costs! We've cut out everything we can and can only afford in the region of £1000 per month. We both work full time and I could maybe try and work 4 days a week instead? Does anyone know of any childminders or mothers help in the Twickenham area who might charge this amount or is it hopeless? I won't be going back to work until maybe April next year but just wanted to see what my options are (if any!)



serious1 Thu 09-Jun-11 10:56:37

bumping it up for you

harrassedswlondonmum Thu 09-Jun-11 20:58:55

I can't really help with your specific childcare question, but I wanted to post to say congratulations, and to advise you to join a twins club! I don't know exactly where you are but I can recommend the South West London Twins Club ( It's a great place to make friends and get advice, and also bag some bargain second hand kit. You can get a full list of twins clubs from the TAMBA website.

My twins are 7 now but it all feels like yesterday...

willow3006 Fri 10-Jun-11 09:33:27

Thanks for the advice. I've joined Tamba and have the forms to join Twickenham Twins Club! Need all the help I can get! x

lukymum Fri 10-Jun-11 19:34:15

Hi willow3006

Good luck with your twins, I wish you all the best. Im a local childminder in the area. I would say all childminders are so different, and they have different sibling rates. Some minders may give you a discount, because its a full time, 4day a week arrangement.

dont forget you may be entitled to working tax credits to cover childcare. Give Tax credits a call, go hmrc website or There is a calculator, which asks you to put your joint income for the previous year and your estimated income.
Depending on the minder and which part of twickenham you're in the rates may start at £6 per hour and then £5 per hour sibling discount. So per hour £10/£11. Dont look at that figure and panic, you may find someone cheaper, but its a good figure to use when calculating.

Sorry, a long winded explanation. good luck with the birth, etc. Above all, enjoy.

lukymum Fri 10-Jun-11 19:35:07

p.s. if you wanted to contact me closer to the time regarding vacancies for childcare, feel free.

willow3006 Tue 14-Jun-11 21:21:54

Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately we are just over the threshold for any tax credits at all - I sometimes feel I should get a very low paid job so that we get some childcare covered!

BugsAndButterflies Wed 15-Jun-11 16:04:22

For two children it might be worth looking at a nanny. They can especially work out cheaper if they have their own young child, who they can bring along (though they'd obviousy then need to be able enough to care for 3 children at the same time). I'm sure there are many mums with professional childcare experience who would jump at the chance of earning £1k a month without additional childcare costs of their own. Try calling a few nanny agencies, but also talk to any childcare workers that you might have contact with and ask if they know any ex-colleagues on maternity leave who might be suitable.

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