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Opinions from parents about Nursery Schools

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Bluebellsjk Mon 06-Jun-11 11:22:55

Hi everyone, our names are Joanna Wright and Kate Palmer and we are the joint headmistresses of Bluebells Nursery School in Battersea, currently in the process of getting everything ready for when we open the doors in September.

As parents/carers your opinions are the most important to us which is why we want to exceed your expectations within our setting. We would love to hear your opinions on what you as a parent/carer look for when viewing a nursery school? We have tried to create a home from home feel and hope that parents feel relaxed and happy as soon as they walk through the door. Any ideas would be very much appreciated because the happiness, safety and trust of the children, parents/carers is our number one priority.

Many thanks

MrsLadywoman Mon 06-Jun-11 16:37:48

Of course, I would want a nursery to be meticulously clean with plenty of friendly and stimulating decoration and equipment, but I guess my most important factor would be the carers.

Obviously they should be friendly and caring, but it's always very reassuring when the hands-on staff appear well turned out, relaxed and and have the answers to all your concerns (a lot to ask, I know!). So if a parent asks what happens if their child is ill, if another child is being nasty to them, if the child feels distressed or upset, if they don't want to have a nap, if they cry when they are dropped off, etc etc, the carer has an immediate reply and knows what the procedure is without having to check with a senior staff member.

While the overall feel and look of the place is important, it's the details that make a difference.

I have 2 kids who went to 3 different nurseries throughout their early years and while none were perfect, I didn't mind the shabby decor or the fact that the food wasn't great when they had a carer who really knew my kid well and always had time to chat with me about any concerns I had.

Bit vague, but I hope it helps!

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