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Single mother moving to Birmingham

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rmutalima Mon 06-Jun-11 04:21:50

Hi. I'm a single mother of 7 month old moving from brighton to Birmingham and would like some advice as to which areas are good to live in. I'm mostly concerned with safety and affordability of rented accommodation. Any help will be appreciated.

MrsGubbins Mon 06-Jun-11 05:32:14

hello.... you don't say your budget, but I've done a search on the property site Rightmove and put 600pcm and 2 bed min and it comes up with these

If I moved back to Birmingham (I have a 6 month old) with this budget I would look at Harborne, Moseley, Bearwood. If you see something and want to ask specifically about the area I'll try to help.

MrsGubbins Mon 06-Jun-11 05:52:27

this one in Kings Heath looks good, Kings Heath has got a big park, a decent high street, big supermarket, no train station but good bus links into the City Centre.

Couldn't resisit looking through the listings!

rmutalima Mon 06-Jun-11 09:55:24

Thanks. You were right on the money. My budget is about 600 and min of a 2bed place. I'll look at the listings,recommended.

costumequeen Sun 19-Jun-11 20:25:45

I'm a mum of a 6 month old, and we are in Kings Heath. It's a great place to live and to bring up kids - parks, good schools, good busy high st as well as smaller independent shops and cafes...lots of mums locally and some great baby groups etc. It's a very friendly area and if you're on your own, quite accessible for meeting new people too. Also, Moseley and Stirchley are nearby, and both are nice areas too. Further afield, Harborne is nice, and Bearwood too. We currently rent (although just bought a house - whoop!) and we pay just over £600 per month, and I think this is about average in KH, depending on the size of property.

May Lane/Station Rd/ Grange Rd on the link above are all nice roads!
Feel free to message me if I can help further!

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