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Corsham/Melksham/Box - anyone out there?

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mahalo Sun 05-Jun-11 22:07:27

Moved to Atworth (village between Bath and Melksham) recently. Bit of a billy no mates so would like to get to know a few people. I am 38 and am married with a 19 month old daughter. I'm interested in mtnbiking, snowboarding (not that I really get to do much of either of them these days), reading, travelling, yoga, meditation and being in the great outdoors. I like to give a tree a little hug if noone is watching!
I work part time in Bath but free on Mondays and Thursdays if anyone wants to play?

MogTheForgetfulCat Thu 23-Jun-11 22:24:04

Hi, I know Atworth, drove out that way the other day to let DS2 have a sleep in the car in an attempt to stop him being such a grumpy sod. Failed, as he is 3 and so it's currently his default setting grin.

Am currently on mat leave with DS3 (0.4) so free all the time, would love to meet up. Mondays best as DS1 at school and DS2 at pre-school.

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