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What's It Like in Worcester Park?

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MummySings Sun 05-Jun-11 18:06:01

Hi there - just wanting to get an idea of what it's like living in Worcester Park please. I'm currently in New Malden (with other half and two littleuns aged 3 and 7 years) but we recently found a house in Worcester Park which we love so should be moving there. Oddly, though we've lived in New Malden for 5 years, we've never really been to Worcester Park, though doesn't seem too different from NM. Is it OK? Anything I should be wary of at all?

Any help and titbits appreciated please.

narmada Wed 15-Jun-11 14:57:42

One thing to be wary of.... distance of house from local secondary schools if you are planning to use the state sector and aren't catholic. WP has no secondary schools or so it seems to me! Epsom and Ewell High School is probably the nearest, so that might influence where you look.

Having said this, we have been looking in WP for houses and I was really surprised by how nice and leafy it is, especially the bits around the avenue and salisbury road...

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