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Places for lunch with highchairs?

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Crazimamma Sat 04-Jun-11 16:37:25

Hi all. I was hoping to get some suggestions for a good child friendly place to go for lunch in liverpool south or central that has 5 highchairs. Any ideas anyone? I have tried deli fonseca dockside and host who only have 2. Thanks

Jobi1 Mon 20-Jun-11 22:35:40

John Lewis has loads grin) And its lovely!

Artura Fri 24-Jun-11 16:44:52

Last time I went to Oomoo cafe on Smithdown Road there was a stack of highchairs available (not sure exact numbers though). They had a sign on the door saying "breast feeding friendly" as well.
Deli fonseca have always been really helpful when we've eaten there, but as you say, only 2 highchairs. My friend was just telling me that the food at the Yellow Sub is really good, but haven't been there myself yet.

Ruthselina Thu 30-Jun-11 20:23:15

The food at the yellow sub is excellent - I recently had a delicious sheesh kebab type thing on a flatbread with yogurt dressing. They have about 3 dozen ikea high chairs, but it's not exactly a place to go for a nice lunch and a chat with friends.

Try ringing the Liverpool Marina club - the food there is excellent - lots of parking and nice views. I'm not sure how many high chairs they have, but it'd be worth a phone call.

Darnsarfupnorf Thu 30-Jun-11 20:25:42

john lewis is lovely, agreed!

the bakers dozen is very family friendly and lovely although it is bootle way so a little out of where your looking

Crazimamma Sat 23-Jul-11 07:07:47

Thanks all. We ended up at the bear and staff in gatacre. The staff were helpful, food was tasty and they had loads of high chairs. Also found that the tavern co on smith down had 12 highchairs. Will definitely give John Lewis a go soon. Ditto re yellow sub. Is great for my Ds 3 but the babies weren't quite ready for it.

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