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NCT classes - confused!

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ZBAR Tue 31-May-11 12:39:21

Hi All

I am about 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby and so fairly new to all this so apologies if I ask some dumb questions :-)

I am trying to decided which NCT course to do - there are two open to me for my due date - one in Belsize Park and one 5 mins from my house in NW2 at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood. I am not sure which one to go for - my natural reaction would be to go to the one neareat to where I live but I have tried googling the course tutor for this course and can find nothing about her. The one in Belsize Park however has loads on the tutor which I find a bit more reassuring and it is in my borough (Camden).

Has anyone had any good/bad experiences of either course or views on which one would be better - any help greatly appreciated!


lardydar Sat 11-Jun-11 10:32:03

I did the one in belsize park, even though it wasn't my nearest, and it was fantastic. Ruth, the teacher, is amazing and I met a really lovely supportive group of women who i am still friendly with over two years later.

ZBAR Sun 24-Jul-11 18:00:20

Thanks for the advice - have opted for Belsize Park after hearing good things about it from a few others as well - thanks for the advice x

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