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real nappy question!?

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cazsaz Tue 31-May-11 09:45:32

I've recently been made redundant and with 3 little ones really need to find something quickly.
I've been thinking about setting up a real nappy cleaning service. I used disposables for mine because I couldn't face all the hassle and time of washing - but if I could have paid a small amount to get them washed, I think I would have done.
Would anyone out there use this kind of service?? I would love to hear your comments.

misslinneaflower Thu 09-Jun-11 20:01:20

People get cloth nappies for different reasons. Some just because it's environmentally friendly and good for your babies skin. However, many with me does it purely to save money by doing it ourselves.

Do a simple research first and see if there's any in your area. Is there a need to meet?

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