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Moving to the area

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urbanfairy Wed 25-May-11 17:39:03

We will be moving to the area in late July/early August with a boisterous 19 month old and a very, very newborn. We have lived all our London years over on the SE side of town so the area is brand new territory for all of us.

Due to circumstances and date clashes I haven't been able to do the NCT refresher course so I'd be really interested if anyone can recommend any good things to do with a toddler and newborn and how best to meet other mummies in the area.

Thanks in advance


EB2000 Sun 29-May-11 11:43:31

Hi! Welcome to SW! There are tons of things to do round here - there is a list of all the groups etc on Merton website. I go to Monday Munchkins at Abbey Childrens Centre with my five month old, but that's for babies under 12 months. I've also been meeting up with some mums off Mumsnet and the babies range from about three months to two years. We go to a cafe or park and if you fancy coming along you'd be more than welcome smile message me when you're settled in!

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