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please tell me about wymondham!!

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globalmouse Mon 23-May-11 10:49:09

I am thinking of leaving the city to move to wymondham. The main reasons are - I would like somewhere quieter for ds to grow up, good schools, being able to play outside, access to the countryside, while still having excellent links to the city.

At the mo, I live walking distance to the city. It is busy, crowded and noisy. I spend a lot of my free time out of the city, on the coast or in the countryside or in a park with ds, but love the convenience of having a corner shop! I am a lone parent anyway, so don't get to make the most of the city, although I go out every other weekend into it. So I guess a taxi back at the end of the night every few weeks. I am guessing I could take the train into the city if I wanted to go shopping, which I don't do very often anyway. And I would appreciate less light pollution too.

So please tell me what wymondham is like! Is it isolating? Are people friendly (for Norfolk! I know what us Norfolk types are like!)? Although I really want to do this for ds, I am not sure how I will fare there. Many years ago I live in a tiny village, and when I became a lone parent it was really depressing as I felt very cut off from civilisation - no shops, not very friendly people, no indian / pizza delivery!!

In a prefect world, I would rent first, but I don't want to make ds move schools again once I have moved, so if I move there, it would be for good!! Gulp!

And are there any places to avoid living in?

globalmouse Mon 23-May-11 19:43:53

bumping for the evening crowd smile

TurtlesAreRetroRight Mon 23-May-11 19:49:39

I personally wouldn't want to live in Wymondham. I find it a very strange place, though surrounding areas like Hethersett for example I really quite like. Have you considered somewhere east of the city? Brundall/Blofield/Postwick area? I lived there for years and loved it. Easy for the coast, good transport to the city and enough happening to not feel isolated. Wymondham's okay but I have a friend who lives there with his dc and says he wouldn't choose it again.

RainbowShite Mon 23-May-11 19:52:39

Wymondham is a bit a Local place for local people for my tastes, that said its well connected transport wise ,.it has excellent schools and it has a waitrose so what could go wrong?

TurtlesAreRetroRight Mon 23-May-11 19:54:40

Police HQ probably keeps the crime rate down and the big Focus next door sells a wide range of nails.

globalmouse Mon 23-May-11 20:01:28

rainbow - that was my thinking!
Turtles - hmm, that is food for thought. What doesn't he like about it?
I havent even looked at hethersett, as it didn't seem to have anything there.
Maybe I'll look again.
I really like Brundall, but it is a lot further from my work and family. I thought of wymondham as it is out of the right side of the city.

TurtlesAreRetroRight Mon 23-May-11 20:05:04

Um, he said it was a bit local place for local people. grin

globalmouse Mon 23-May-11 20:11:18

I can't afford anywhere reasonable in hethersett!! looks v expensive!

threetimesabridesmaid Thu 26-May-11 18:31:29

Hi globalmouse, I've just moved from NR3 to Hethersett - big bump in rent but don't regret at all. I have a garden, massive park close by, nice neighbours... Just miss the shopping! Work in Wymondham - I think people are friendly!

(PS taxi home is £11/12, so not too bad)

Dillydollydaydream Fri 10-Jun-11 19:40:01


We're moving soon - need to sell first!
Interested in Wymondham area and Thorpe St Andrew.
We have relatives in Thorpe End so may be leaning towards Thorpe St Andrew. Not 100% tho! X

silentcatastrophe Sun 26-Jun-11 12:14:25

There is a fantastic market on Fridays and a great butcher. We go there from Poringland to do most of our weekly shop. I think the schools are good, and there are good transport connections. They also have a farmers market every month. Creative Arts East is based in Wymondham and they work hard to make the Arts happen. There is also a very good asparagus farm nearby!

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