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chubbly Sun 22-May-11 22:04:40

Hi- has anyone tried the baby yoga classes? I'm not an excercise friendly person but I'd like to give it a go. All advice appreciated. smile

BettyBleu Mon 23-May-11 18:39:25

I did them with my first and we both really enjoyed them, met some really nice Mums there too. Would have done them with my second too but he was a refluxer so wouldn't have been good for him.

Classes are flexible and light-hearted so if you need to feed/nappy change etc no-one bats an eyelid. Its probably best to wait until your baby has enough strength to hold their head up, otherwise they're a bit too floppy to do some of the exercises. You'll need to take something for your baby to lie on like a thick blanket or towel as they are not on the mat for the whole class.

I think classes are still drop in so you could try it without having to commit.

chubbly Mon 23-May-11 19:25:39

Hi - thanks Betty. I think we will give it a go, they are still drop in too. Good tip about the blanket; it'll be a new experience for us both!

camyoga Mon 20-Jun-11 09:12:50

hi this is louise from camyoga, in cambridge. yes baby yoga classes are drop in, and suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling. classes are very relaxed and we have a cafe at the centre for before and after food and drink so you can stay and chat to other mums.
please come along and give it a try. we also have a class pass system which gives a good discount for a block of classes.
class is every tues 10am.

camyoga Mon 20-Jun-11 09:13:32


Lancelottie Mon 20-Jun-11 11:28:09

Before you get banned for accidental advertising, Camyoga, maybe you could tell me if you do anything suitable for manic 12-yr-olds, as we've had it recommended to try to teach ours to relax?

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