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Getting my old body back!

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pauli13 Thu 19-May-11 10:49:00

Hi there
I am a mum of an 8 month baby, and having now finished breastfeeding I feel it is time to get back into shape again - no more excuses! Does anyone know of any good places to go and exercise and do that where they have a creche? I need the motivation of a class as I know that if I am just at the gym on my own I won't work out nearly as hard! Thanks

pauli13 Thu 19-May-11 10:50:29

Sorry I should have said I live in Fulham so am looking for something around there smile

cpsime Thu 19-May-11 14:15:26

Omg I know exactly what you mean! I had heard that when I stopped breastfeeding the "weight would drop off" and it didnt!! I really needed someone to motivate me and I found these fantastic group personal training classes in fulham that are designed specifically for mums - they have a Creche. There is an 8 week course you can sign up to to work out with other mums and then you get the classes but, big bonus, they also give you nutrition advice and some really useful top tips on things you can do at home to help shed that baby weight. Like having my own celebrity personal trainer but at nowhere near the price! I am now in week 4 and have REALLY noticed a difference already, I am so pleased. They have a free trial class so you can go and see if it is for you. It's a company called livefit and if you call James on 07870690997 or email
Hope that helps and maybe see you in a class soon! smile

Cheeseandbiscuits Fri 20-May-11 22:26:03

Virgin active is very good! I use the west London branch and the crèche is good!

LivsPhysio Fri 24-Jun-11 09:34:17

I had a baby 1 year ago and with the combination of having physiotherapy and training with a fantastic trainer called Jonny Sayle I lost the weight really quickly. I train in Eelbrook common or Parsons Green (at a time not many friends are passing!!!) Jonny only charges £15 a session and reduces it if you get a group together and do a block booking. I used to take my baby with me but now she goes to childcare. I am a physio working at specialising in pre/post natal aches and pains and getting mums back to full exercise. If you would like any advice or fancy a chat about getting back in shape please do call me on 0207 6107070 Olivia Hamilton.

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