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'South West Nappies' Problems?

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bluebeach Wed 18-May-11 21:42:06

We ordered some nappies from 'South Wales Nappies' ('Et moi' in Tintern) 5 weeks ago and have received nothing and heard nothing since. Is there anyone who is having similar problems or who can shed light on the situation as it seems the shop has been closed for all that time.

tubbly Sun 26-Jun-11 00:09:38

We have had nappies from Catherine of South Wales Nappies since our baby was born in Apri this yearl. Around the middle of May, after a week or so of leaving messages, she did get in touch and dropped off some more nappy wraps as requested. However, since early June when the initial small nappies she'd left us were becoming too small, we've been unable to contact here. We've left numerous messages by text, email and voicemail but none have been returned. I even found her home number on the Cardiff Council website but her (presumably) daughter answered as Catherine was out. Since then even that number goes straight to answerphone.

We were down to 2 wraps that fitted so have now given up and cancelled our contract (by text and email - I assume she still gets these even if she doesn't respond) and bought our own re-useable nappies from Gumtree. We still have her nappies and wraps but she still has our £50 deposit. We're looking into how we can get this back, presumably through Small Claims Court, but if anyone has more info about how to contact South Wales Nappies we'd prefer to do that.

I assume Catherine either decided to call it a day with the business or some personal problem arose but either way it seems a number of people have been left in the lurch (or will be when they need to change nappy sizes) which is very frustrating and the lack of information a real shame and very un-business like as the nappy hire service is a great idea.

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