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Timperley day nurseries - any thoughts

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angelique1gr Tue 06-Nov-12 22:29:13

Hi Igotdaboobies! Sorry for not replying earlier but I never received a notification that someone had replied to me! Thanks so much for your kind offer but KU offered me the discount even though our friend's kids had moved on to school. Thanks again!

Igotdaboobies Sat 06-Oct-12 21:54:53

Hi Angie,
Are you still looking for someone to save you £50? I will help!

angelique1gr Wed 26-Sep-12 14:04:34

Hi all!

We've recently moved to Timperley and I'm thinking of sending my son to Kids Unlimited. I've spoken to them and apparently they've got a registration fee of £100 which is not refundable. If someone refers you, the fee is £50. Is there anyone with kids at KU, who could give me a hand. I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks. Angie

salvadory Tue 24-Jan-12 15:08:26

My dd was at KU for approx 6 months last year. I thought the Nursery was a good space with nice clean toys etc but I just didn't like the staff ( my dd's key workers were sweet but young girls) in particular the management style was very formal and didn't appear interested in my dd (granted I was a bit pfb with my dd and she was only 12 months). We left in July to move to a nursery closer to my home in sale and she's thrived since then, confirming to me my decision was the right one (maybe an older/ less sensitive child would have found it a more enjoyable experience).

nappiesandbottles Wed 14-Dec-11 23:25:44

My lil' Babba goes to KU Timperely. Fab nursery, really friendy. My baby is very happy there so that makes me happy. Staff are lovey. Plus they have a proper qualified chef not some random person cooking. The food is excellent and is nutritionally balanced, baby eats better than me! grin

Summerbird73 Wed 21-Sep-11 21:43:25

soozieq ditto re Holyrood - my friend moved her DS from HR to Homeland about a year ago, the staff didnt take any of her wishes into account (nothing PFB either - she didnt want DS to have a dummy so they shoved a dummy in his mouth at every given opportunity). That is only one mild example, there were loads (feeding babies pureed fishfingers and chips shock ) etc etc

She just wasnt happy with him there, he absolutely loves Homeland now

Summerbird73 Wed 21-Sep-11 21:41:15

I dont know if it is too late for this response but my LO goes to Homeland, he has been there since March 10 when he was 9mo. I cannot recommend it highly enough, the staff are so lovely and give the LO's lots of cuddles. They all make a point of getting to know all of the children and their parents regardless of what group they are in and you get a full run down of their day when you pick them up. The food is all homemade on the day and is fresh fruit and veg etc. They get lots of fresh air as the outdoor play area is fab.

DS has been happy there since day 1, we have had no issues at all. I love the place and hope to have another LO within the next year to send there too!

Your DS sounds about the same age as mine, he is now 2.3yo so we may see eachother at some point! smile

Lingy0302 Wed 29-Jun-11 16:49:07

My daughter (3 year old) has been at KU since January and my son (1 year old) will be joining her in September.

I've got nothing but praise for the nursery. Everything is new, clean and there's lots of space. My daughter's in the KU's pre-school. Lots of activities including cookery and yoga. There's a big garden for the kids to do gardening and play. The staffs are helpful and are great with the kids.

I think the best part is the regular "coffee mornings" where I get to see my daughter's progress folder and photos of her doing activities at the nursery. They've also got a "working in parnership" programme where I get to speak to her keyworker in detail regarding my daughter's days at nursery.

KU has recently been inspected by Ofsted and has received a "good" rating.

I've not had a look at Homeland since they didn't seem to have availability. My daughter was supposed to go to Holyrood but she didn't quite settle there. Also had a look at Busy Bees. Despite being recently renovated, the premises seem a bit dated.

If you need further info, pls let me know. Been through the process of looking for nurseries and childminders for 2 kids.

SoozleQ Sun 29-May-11 00:41:03

I've put my little one's name down for Homeland. She hasn't started yet but I really liked it when I looked round it and I have heard many good things about it from other people. It's pretty small and personal and has a low turnover of staff as I understand it. Whenever I've mentioned it to other people, the response is always positive and they always seem to know someone whose child went there and liked it. I went to look at it a couple of times and the children all seemed to be really engaged and happy doing whatever it was that they wanted to do in small homely rooms with lots of toys. I know a few people who wanted to send their children there but were unable to as it was full. I had no problem putting DD's name down though.

There's also Elmscot, which is about a 10 minute walk/1 minute drive from Navigation Road station. It's very popular, quite large but very shiney and all mod cons - think biometric entry for security, etc. That would probably have been my second choice if I hadn't gone for Homeland but it just seemed a little less personal and a bit too big.

I didn't look round Kids Unlimited It's only been open since September last year, I think, and I don't know anyone with children there.

Also near Navigation Road is a Busy Bees Nursery. My next door neighbours' daughter goes there and they seem happy with it. I didn't look round but a friend of mine said she cried when she went to see it so it's obviously got some flaws!

Finally, we also went to look round Holyrood Nursery, also within 5 mins walk of Navigation Road. I really didn't like it at all. The children all seemed a bit zombie like and as if they were being forced to sit down and engage in activities they really didn't want to do. That was definitely bottom of my list.

Hope you find somewhere you like.

shoey Fri 13-May-11 12:13:12

Hi everybody
We're moving to Timperley (close to Navigation Road end) at the end of June / early July. Everything seems to be falling into place, but the last major thing to get sorted is a nursery place for our little fella, Danny. He's 19mo and has been going to nursery (two days a week initially, then three) since he was about 8mo.

It seems that the closest ones to us will be Kids Unlimited and Homeland - does anybody have any experience with either of them (good or bad)? any help really appreciate it please. Same goes if anybody knows of anywhere else within approx half a mile of Navigation Road / Altrincham or Timperley Metrolink stations.

Many thanks

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