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Come and tell me about living in Backwell

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TwigletMonster Thu 12-May-11 14:12:39

We're thinking of moving out to just south of Bristol. Long Ashton is a preferred place, in terms of community and schools etc.

BUT, it's only a small place so not much comes up for sale. Plus the good school is CoE, and we're not, so we're looking at other options.

Backwell is another contender - I'm not sure as all I know of it is the road through the middle. Anyone living there at the moment? What's it like in terms of community, things to do with pre-school kids etc?

Any opinions welcome!

boopbedo Sat 14-May-11 07:51:29

I've been living in Long Ashton for the past three years and love it. I have a few friends in Backwell however and I can see benefits to that. The infant school there is very good and the secondary school is really good and where everyone from Long Ashton wants to get their kids in. Consequently the houses in Backwell are slightly more expensive. Long Ashton is a great village with a real mix of people, half the village grew up round here and the other half moved from inner city Bristol/London when they had kids. Its a bit like living in a 1950s village at times with the village flower show, bowling club etc but I quite like that knowing that the centre of Bristol is just 10 minutes away with all the choice that provides. I think there is a definite benefit from living that bit closer to Bristol than being in Backwell but it depends what you're after. I was living in London and Sydney before here and still feel that I need the options of a city.

TwigletMonster Tue 17-May-11 13:40:01

Interesting, we thought the houses in LA seemed a bit more expensive.

Schools and pre-schools in Backwell look good - plus the DCs would be able to walk to/from secondary school which is a bonus.

But, the 1950's villagey thing is what appeals to me about LA! Seems to have a bit more community to it.

I think part of me is trying to cling on to the pre-DC lifestyle of cafes and spontaneous meals out, when in reality such opportunities are few and far between these days envy

Be interested to hear from anyone about weekend family things to do in Backwell without having to get into a car and travel elsewhere. Think it's odd that the swimming pool is always deserted when we go, as if everyone just stays in their houses!

homehunter Tue 28-Aug-12 09:50:18

Hi, Just read your thread and am also thinking of moving to Backwell area. Did you make the move there? How did it go? Moving these days is a bit of nightmare with schools/admission dates etc. Need to be resident somewhere by 31 Oct and the clock is ticking fast!!!
Any suggestions welcome!

Astralabe Thu 30-Aug-12 20:52:17

A friend of mine lives there and seems to spend school holidays and weekends coming to Bristol for things to do with kids - the community there is a bit dead: one restaurant, no local shops really. Wouldn't be my cup of tea, I'd go for LA.

homehunter Tue 11-Sep-12 11:42:47

I think you're right. Have been along there are can't quite get a handle on it. Bit worried about the high school situation in Long Ashton though... Am now considering Clevedon. Any thoughts/insights?? Seems to be big enough to have community etc and the schools seems OK. Would value any input...?..

daisywest Thu 15-Nov-12 16:17:12

Backwell is nice, but verrrry quiet...more of an elderly population (I work in the doctors surgery and I'd say 70% of our patients are over 60). If your prepared to travels obviously your close to Bristol, Clevedon and Weston Super Mare but it's not so good for home-based things, it doesn't even have a supermarket!

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