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Moving to Charlton Kings need help with everything please !

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Ishani Wed 11-May-11 22:27:21

I would be so grateful if anyone can recommend a brilliant nursery for a one year old and if there are any good drama groups run on a Saturday for the 7 to 10 age range ? I also need to find riding lessons, a gymnastic club or trampolining, well both ideally. Tae kwon do and baby swimming recommendations would also be brilliant.
Thank you so much

ledkr Wed 11-May-11 23:28:59

Hi Ishani
I am off to bed now but will come back tomorrow and tell you what i can,are the children going to ck schools?My dd is at the juniors and is 9 i also have dd 14wks.
L x

DollyTwat Thu 12-May-11 00:08:21

I'm off to bed too but I'll be back in the morning
Can recommend the nursery I used but not in ck

ledkr Thu 12-May-11 08:53:45

Morning. They do baby swimming at Cheltenham Park Hotel Gym. There is a Nursery in the village that seems to be used by many,its more of playgroup type affair not open early or late if you see what i mean,so great for fun or if you work school hrs. I used Fox cubs in the reddings and dd was very happy there. There are many toddler groups and a couple of playgroups and also the scghool has a Kindergarten. There are a couple of local dance schools who do lessons in the village halls Janet Marshall and Dance works. There is also brownies guides cubs etc. I would google drama and the other things. It is a nice place to live tho,ive been here years you could atually live here and never have to go anywhere else and the schools are excellent.
Dolly twat i wonder if i know you <<wories about contraversial remarks made on mn>> grin

Ishani Thu 12-May-11 08:58:28

I think I shall need a job looking at house prices so I'm after a 8am to 6pm nursery at least at the begining whilst I sort myself out.
I have applied to the juniors ledkr and holy aposole but they were not very friendly the head at CK seems much nicer, are you pleased with it ?

DollyTwat Thu 12-May-11 14:22:14

Ledkr You'll have to dm me to see if we know each other! Or come to the meet up and you can see!

The nursery I used is Bushbabies in prestbury. Very good open from 8-6 very structured and clean. Lots to recommend.

Not sure about ck local stuff though, it's a nice community though, that I do know

ledkr Thu 12-May-11 20:28:09

dolly what meet up? Please tell,id be worried tbh as its a bit posh arounbd here and im not grin id have to name change after. Do you live in c kings? Im suprised if you dont know me,i was the famous pg woman who rode my bike everywhere haha
ishani house prices are ridiculous,luckily i bought years ago.C kings schools are really good,quite academic and strict,Dd needs that tho,Glenfall is also lovely and has an after school club too.

DollyTwat Thu 12-May-11 23:21:19

That's copied on my phone so maybe delete the m ??

ledkr Fri 13-May-11 09:29:13

oh thanks that will be cool.

ledkr Fri 13-May-11 17:19:28

dolly we are almost the same age we may do, i hope we werent arch enemys at one time,not that ive ever had one haha

DollyTwat Fri 13-May-11 17:26:55

Which school did you go to?

ledkr Fri 13-May-11 23:13:07

sorry, I went to Naunton park when it was a senior school only.

DollyTwat Sat 14-May-11 00:09:15

So did you get moved to charlton kings when it closed?

ledkr Sat 14-May-11 09:22:18

oh you know so much,no we were the last year to stay i think. Im 44 now see so would have been a yr or 2 above you. I was a bit vile at school tbh so i hope nobody remebers me shock was a troubled soul hahaha im nice now tho grin

DollyTwat Sat 14-May-11 12:33:24

Ha ha I was vile at school too
So if we do know each other we'll have to be forgiving!
Bet we know lots of the same people!

ledkr Sat 14-May-11 17:56:59

Yeah i bet they'll all be spitting in our drinks grin I have a pic on my profile but very differnet to how i looked at school.

Vickles Tue 14-Jun-11 10:59:51

hi ladies.... about drama
there's theatre studio at the playhouse theatre in cheltenham.
brilliant.. i used to go there and now my 6 year old goes on saturday morning - whilst i tootle off to town for a coffee!
ring suzanna segura on 07977 227707
i cannot recommend it enough

Vickles Tue 14-Jun-11 11:16:05

gym = happy days gym run a class at ch kings school - again, cannot recommend lisa enough...

also, nursery...
both my daughter's went to winton house nursery 01242 511417
(on warden hill road - opposite the bournside senior school) and nursery rhymes 01242 260550
(on kidnappers lane - on the back way to leckhampton).
nursery rhymes is probably nearer to ch kings...
both nurserys are owned by the same people, just different staff... lovely home from home environment... really lovely with the kids.. and my girls never wanted to go home... both have fab large gardens!

riding schools = try.....
Badgeworth Livery Yard
Cold Pool Lane
Cheltenham, GL51 4UP
Phone: 01452 713818

baby swimming classes are run by aquatots at cheltenham park hotel
dependant on baby's age... they run on monday and tuesday afternoon's after lunch... see their website

martial arts thingy.. try
(based at bournside senior school)
or there's one martial arts school in town centre

Karate World Cheltenham
109-117 High Street (next to HMV)
Tel: 01242 245914

hope that helps...xx

Ishani Wed 22-Jun-11 13:12:08

Vickies you are a star thank you so much x

Vickles Wed 22-Jun-11 19:13:32

you're welcome, happy to help! x

tougholdbird Mon 04-Jul-11 16:43:15

as far as I know there are no nurseries in CK for under 2 years 9 months - I couldn't find one anyway! Bushbabies on Prestbury road very good but not that close.

Can also endorse Theater Studio on saturdays and Happy Days gym club, held at the infants school.

There are also regular Ju-jutsu classes at the infants school, better than karate world in town - but that's just my opinion!

both infants school and juniors in CK are very good - I have a child at both

DontCallMeBaby Sat 09-Jul-11 12:02:48

I would second Happy Days for gymnastics. Yrs 1 and 2 are 4-5 on a Thursday at CK Infants, and Yrs 3, 4 and 5 are 5-6, plus they have some other sessions.

There's trampolining at Cheltenham leisure centre apparently, but DD goes to GL1 in Gloucester, with Aspire Springers. We live in Leckhampton and it's actually easier to get to and from Gloucester than it would the other side of Cheltenham (especially as we come back in the rush hour). You might well find the same in CK.

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