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CHE.R.U.B.S (Cheshire Really Useful Breastfeeding Support)

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laylise Wed 11-May-11 17:59:27

Hi ladies,

Just taking the opportunity to let you know about a new breastfeeding support groups in Crewe called CHE.R.U.B.S

One is held every Tuesday, 10am - 12pm at Underwood West Children's Centre (Newcastle St, Crewe) and the other is every Wednesday, 10am - 12pm at Monks Coppenhall Children's Centre (formally known as Baby Cafe).

We welcome all ladies and their families who are breastfeeding and pregnant ladies who are interested in finding out more about breastfeeding. Perhaps you formula-fed previous babies and you are now thinking about giving breastfeeding a go. We have a mixture of mums and experiences from first time breastfeeding mums to mums of 3 or more children, some formula-fed, some breastfed, so what we don't know between us, aint worth knowing, lol!

You can ask us all the questions you daren't ask the Midwives and Health Visitors!!

The rooms have very comfy seating, toys for babies and toddlers and we provide you with snacks and refreshments too.

If you need support, then NHS breastfeeding professionals are on hand, as well as experienced mums, but if you are just after some chill-out time with other mums and babies, then thats fine too.

There is NO CHARGE for these groups so it's a no-brainer really!

Hope you come and visit us soon!

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