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Pre-school or nursery school?

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Bubbles31 Wed 04-May-11 13:25:15

Wondering if someone might be able to help me PLEASE! My daughter has recently turned one and has started nursery school. Having spoken to a number of Mum's from other areas, they've all said that I should have already applied for a place at pre-school.

Does anyone have any recommendations on pre-schools in the Esher area? What is the difference between going to a pre-school or for her to stay at a nursery school until she starts primary school? Is there any benefit to pay the extra and remain at nursery?

Any advice really welcome!

ticklebug74 Wed 04-May-11 23:08:35

Hi there. My little ones both go to nursery DD is 4.5 and DS is 2.5. DD started at the nursery when she was 7 months as I went back to work part-time and when I gave up work 6 months later I left her there two mornings a week as she loved it as did I the little time off. When my DS was born (and I am now a SAHM) I sent him to nursery at 18 months (obviously too young for preschools) because I had experienced the benefit I felt it gave my DD. I did not want to move them to preschools when they were old enough as I loved the nursery setting, the age groups are more appropriate (eg, baby room, toddler room and preschoolers) whereas some preschools that accept children as young as 2 would be mixing with children nearly 5. The other obvious advantage is that most nurseries run 51 weeks a year (and not term time), and usually provide lunch or tea (depending on if you do morning or afternoon sessions) and also have the flexibility to do extra days if they are not at capacity. But in saying that, preschools are lovely too and the popular ones will be busy but you should be able to find one with a place for when your daughter is old enough to start.

And preschools attached to schools (in other words they start school a year earlier and usually go 5 days a week either am or pm) you usually can't apply for until the year before they start and it is usually through the local authority (in a similar way you would apply for school). Hope this helps a little.

Bubbles31 Mon 06-Jun-11 14:33:11

That's really good to know - thanks for responding to me! HAve found a pre-school we like the look of, so have applied and as it's not until next year, can make a call then, depending on how nursery is going.

Thanks for your help

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