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Primary Schools/Childminders/Nursery in or near Drayton, Abingdon

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oliversmum71 Sat 16-Apr-11 22:30:44

We (husband and sons aged 7 and 2) are moving to Drayton nr. Abingdon in July. We are starting to look at schools (Drayton Primary and others nearby ? Caldecott), childminders and nursery and would be grateful of any advice/recommendations.


twofalls Mon 30-May-11 13:14:53

This is really old but in case you come back, DD1 goes to Caldecott and is really happy. I was over subscribed this year though. Steventon is supposed to be quite a nice school and I know nothing about Drayton. Tiny Toes in Steventon is a lovely nursery - both my two have been there.


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