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Baby Jogger City Mini single (Boots 3 for 2)

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GeordieGill Tue 12-Apr-11 17:19:02

I've never posted on a forum before, so apologies if I break any rules or make any mistakes!

I have a 10 month old daughter and am looking for a stroller/pushchair. I'd really like one that folds up really small to fit easily in the car. (Right now my "travel system" takes up the whole boot.) I like the look of a Baby Jogger City Mini (also gets good reviews from Mumsnet), so I've been keeping an eye out for a decent price.

I'm sure you are all aware right now Boots have a massive Baby Event on - they've got 3 for 2 on loads of baby stuff. Including the pushchair I want. Great! But I don't want 3 strollers - I only want one...

So I was just wondering (I'm not holding out much hope here, by the way!) if anyone else in Newcastle Upon Tyne was thinking of buying one (they are £219.99) in Boots. If anyone is, we could spilt the money we save. (i.e. if 3 people buy a Black Baby Jogger City Mini for £219.99, it will cost us £147 each.)

Thanks for reading!

outofmylittletree Thu 28-Apr-11 22:56:40

Did you get any response for this? smile

purplepansy Wed 04-May-11 10:06:57

don't know if you got a response - but try looking on ebay!

purplepansy Wed 04-May-11 10:07:56

ps I've got one of them, and I love it - best buggy I've owned. Would definitely recommend!

GeordieGill Wed 04-May-11 15:16:22

Sadly didn't get a response, but did get one for a decent price on ebay from a local girl who bought 3 and was selling 2 of them (& I love it - one of the best bits of kit I've bought!).

I just thought it was worth a try asking here!

DawnyP Tue 07-Jun-11 07:31:04

Hiya do you know if your baby jogger is the 2011 model that you got, does the seat have straps that you can tigghten to make it sit upright and is the seat back quite hard with boarding in. I have just ordered one from Boots as they are in the sale now and seem a great bargain, got 20% off and a further 10% for spending over 75 pounds but they can't confirm if they are the new ones or not. I have a pushchair now but my 1 year old is very slouchy in it as the seat doesn't sit very upright so the baby jogger looks ideal. Thanks for your help Dawn

GeordieGill Wed 08-Jun-11 18:29:15

Yes - it's the 2011 one (but look at the box when you get yours as a friend of mine ended up with a 2010 one. She took it back & they re-ordered it for her.)

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine!


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