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Any mums of disabled children wanting to meet up with other such mums locally

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charlie06 Mon 11-Apr-11 23:52:51

Hi, I'm a mum of thre children, two have disabilities. I have recently met a couple of other mums and we have started to meet occassionally. I'm sure there's room for more if anyone wants to join us

KindKim Mon 30-May-11 23:17:57

I'm sure that there are many mums who would love to join you, but see no response here. Have you thought about putting up a flyer in the reception area of the cdc at the hospital? Think it would be seen by a lot of parents who have children with disabilities. May also be worht putting one on paddington ward or even scbu? Just a thought. Hope you are still meeting and enjoying each others company. ;-)

Amieesmum Thu 16-Jun-11 18:56:42

Just seen this post! ME ME ME!!!! i feel so bloody isolated some times being the only mum out of all my friends with a disabled dd.

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