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kuls Mon 11-Apr-11 09:59:56

Live in N8 area - is there anywhere I can take a 5 month old?

elkiedee Thu 05-May-11 14:02:53

You can take your baby (now 6 months) to any of the children's centre stay and play groups - there are some groups specially designed for under 1s. Your biggest local children's centre in N8 would be Campsbourne CC on Nightingale Lane.

My favourite baby group was at Downhills School in N15 on Tuesday afternoons - frequent 41 bus from Crouch End stops almost outside.

Lots of the libraries have something on and I'm sure Hornsey Library has stuff, pop in and ask.

Contact the Haringey NCT branch and find out if there are local "teas" where you can meet up with other mums (and even dads) for a tea and chat

There was a Jolly Babies group on Monday afternoons at Burghley Road Under 5s near Turnpike Lane - I've seen evidence that it was still going.

There are various classes and activities that you pay for at the YMCA which lots of people I know have talked enjoyed.

The Odeon in Muswell Hill and the Phoenix in East Finchley have screenings you can take a baby under 1 to - not necessarily aimed at kids but at their parents - I went to see two extraordinarily violent (but quite good) films at the Phoenix with my 2nd baby (never made it with the first).

There are music mornings in Priory Park but you have to pay.

Park cafes are nice places to just hang out with the baby, and you can take him/her to the playground - at 6 months baby might enjoy a gentle go on a baby swing, or just looking up at the trees.... my first was born in May and my 2nd in February so they were a bit younger in their first summer. Or you can take sandwiches and fruit, jars or suitable food for baby led weaning to the park and have your lunch there rather than in the house.

HaringeyNCT Sat 07-May-11 11:52:15

Hello Kuls

see our branch website for what's going on locally including children's centre activities and details of how to get in touch with your local contact to find out about teas etc
We have a regular bump, babes and todller gourp at CuFOS (behind Ally Pally)--on Tuesday afternoons--again see website for all the details

and we have a range of other NCTeas in parks/cafes, there's a monthly one in Finsbury Park--next one this Wednesday (11th May) from 1030

Depending on whereabouts in N8 you are you'll either come under Harringay Ladder, Wood Green or Crouch End, they all have lots going on so do get in touch with your local contact, going to teas is a great way to not only meet other families but also to find out about all the bump/baby/toddler activities in your local area.

if you need more info do get in touch with us on and we'll do our best to help

elkiedee Sat 07-May-11 18:28:15

I'm glad you saw this one, HaringeyNCT - hope kuls comes back to have a look.

beesbreath Thu 02-Jun-11 12:03:50

Are you interested in a toning up class you can go to with your baby? The babies join in the action. You play with them as you exercise and they also get their own little routine of songs and movement. There's social time after the class so you can stay and chat with the other new mums. The details are on Julie Tortora's website Classes on Crouch End/ Stroud Green border.

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