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considering relocation to Guildford - any advice?

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rubyblue Sat 09-Apr-11 14:04:29

We live in a northern city at the moment but DH has possibility of job in Guildford. It would be a major move for us as we're very settled here and I've only been to Gfd once although I liked it then. So looking for some reassurance and advice on quality of life in Guildford. What are the best areas to live in? What are the best primary and secondary schools? Areas to avoid?
What about family stuff to do? And cultural life? I'm nervous about meeting new friends and finding like-minded folks. I guess I'm most nervous about giving up my job and finding a new one and about moving children from a fab nursery here. What are nurseries like? Have had a quick look on the web and aside from being much more expensive, they look ok.

cece Sat 09-Apr-11 14:10:56

I only know a bit but if you are looking for a state school I would move into the George Abbot catchment area.

rubyblue Sat 09-Apr-11 14:18:48

Thanks cece. I will look that one up. Is that secondary or primary? The whole system is different where we are so middle schools, grammar etc iare all new to me.

cece Sat 09-Apr-11 14:22:01

It is a comprehensive school. TBH the primaries all around there are fine and GA is supposed to be good.

TheSugarPlumFairy Mon 11-Apr-11 18:10:12

we moved to Guildford from inner city london. I loved it from the first moment but it took my husband a while to get used to it. He also really enjoys it now too. DD is only 1 year so i cant really comment on the primary schools other than to say that a few friends who have older kids have said that really all the schools in guildford are pretty good.

Culturally it is much more mono that where we used to live but not in a bad way i think. There is loads of family stuff to do but it does help to have a bit of cash behind you. That said there is LOADS of beautiful countryside to trek through, walking trails, forests etc which are all free.

My husband calls guildford "Yummy Mummy Central". There seems to be loads of young/youngish families around and lots of services/facilities for them.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the move.

mummytime Mon 11-Apr-11 18:32:15

The schools are infants and juniors (usually both) to 11, then secondary. If you are Catholic you have more flexibility on where to live. Most schools are pretty good, there are lots of parks, toddler groups etc. The Spectrum is a good leisure centre and the Sports Park at the Uni provides lots more opportunities. Most things can be catered for locally, whatever your interests.

Schools are an endless topic of conversation, and people get very heated about their choices. But there are great private and state options. I hope you enjoy it.

Happymum22 Wed 13-Apr-11 15:44:53

i would say although house prices are very high in guildford, if you can try and stick to the town centre side of the A3, the other side in reality is not at all bad, but relatively is slightly 'rougher' (although really not that rough at all!)
State schools- loads of great ones!
holy trinity pewley down
lots of good little infants
queen eleanors
st josephs
..lots more none are known as one to avoid really, but would aim for gabbot/county/st peters for secondary. Private schools also excellent.

The town centre is beautiful, great shops, friendly and having lived here 10 years feel a weird sense of community in that we now know a fair number of people and see people from the kids school/sports club etc around which i like.
Pricey but as OP said lots to do for free with the downs and surroundings. Stoke park is fab with a huge paddling pool recently done up and playground.

You could look at living in the surrounding 'villages' or towns, godalming is lovely, bramley, shalford, worplesdon, horsleys. But long term i am very glad we made the move in to guildford centre as with teenagers it is just so easy for them to get around themselves with me working.

Yes, its surrey! so you get occasional the 'surrey mum' types but most are friendly once you get over the initial ahh.. do i fit in?! I found most very down to earth and friendly though.

Hope this helps!

Snowdropbooks Wed 06-Jul-11 17:34:46

I moved here 20 years ago, I hated it and cried all the time and missed my friends and missed city life. I had a 3 year old. Then we got a small pony, the first of many and suddenly I had lots of horsey friends, my DH joined the cricket club suddenly I was one of many cricket wives. My son turned 5 and went to the local school, now we had family friends. Then my DH started to play golf, more added to the network. These days I'm not unhappy I can't imagine living anywwhere else. It's not what you find in terms of amenities but the network of emotional and social support that makes all of the difference. My advice is- shortly after arriving buy a dog, your ticket to all doggy acquaintances in the area then join the dog training class, sorted! Avoid ponies they take over your life and you can easily end up with 5 like we did....

Notnigella33 Thu 07-Jul-11 06:51:13

snowdropbooks you have mde me smile this morning! Have a dog or a baby and anyone will stop to talk to you!
Agree with all said above - if your children are nursery age there will be plenty to entertain them in Guildford, and once they start school you will have a ready made community of potential friends. Depending on where your o/h's new job is goin gto be, Godalming is another area to consider on a smaller scale to Guildford. Busbridge is a desirable area as well as Miford/Witley to be in the Rodborough (secondary) catchment area. Both Guildford and Godalming NCTs are active and are a good way to meet people.
Good luck!

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