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Teen looking for a job - any ideas- St Albans

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lawstudentmum Fri 08-Apr-11 00:06:47

Hi, my daughter is going on about wanting a job in St Albans, but I have run out of ideas - anyone got any thoughts? She is 16 and is looking for that summer job !


chuckeyegg Fri 08-Apr-11 13:18:47

Inn on the Park in Verulium park is always really busy in the summer might be worth a go the have a website where you can apply.

lawstudentmum Fri 08-Apr-11 16:56:53

Oh, thats a good idea - could try that. smile

lawstudentmum Mon 11-Apr-11 16:10:57

Anyone need a good babysitter - she is really good. I would come with her the first time to make sure that all is ok. Doesn't charge much ! and great with Kids.

StAlbansParent Thu 26-May-11 16:58:28

Hi, I'm always in need to leaflet deliverers in the St Albans area.

If your daughter and of course anyone else is keen then please do get in touch at

Good rates of pay, keeps you nice and fit and you may even get a tan (weather permitting)

louise3louise3 Mon 20-Jun-11 16:32:35

Just wondering where you are - I have 2 year old twins and could do with someone just to read them stories, help them with drawing or supervise them in our garden. Nothing strenuous, just whilst I try to get on with housework. Maybe occasional babysitting - I'm in St Albans - please let me know if you are still looking.

lawstudentmum Mon 18-Jul-11 02:33:50

Hi louise3louise3

I am so sorry - I have been so busy forgot to look on mumsnet - are you still needing someone as she would love to do it.

She has finished school now so is free for the whole summer- e mail me on with a phone number if you are still in need of someone, and we will come round and meet you.

lawstudentmum Mon 18-Jul-11 02:35:08

Oh yes - we are in St Albans near the harvester - but I can drive her.

lawstudentmum Thu 21-Jul-11 01:08:40


just wanted to say thanks for all the offers - you have all really helped her out. Thank you guys.

iamababysitter Mon 20-Jan-14 18:58:18

I am a first aid trained babysitter and am looking for work. I currently look after a 2 year old boy every wednesday from 7pm-10pm. I have great reviews and experience. I can offer after school care any time between 4pm-10pm. I don't mind looking after children on the weekends or being a mother's help. Contact me for more details.

leighwallace Thu 23-Aug-18 17:19:02

Are you still looking for work? I need someone to pick up my son from school two days a week, feed him and monitor his homework till i get home at 7.15

can you help?

Or do you know anyone else who can?

Really would appreciate your help if you can


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