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leeds 10

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missymoo2411 Thu 07-Apr-11 19:02:07

hi is there any one from leeds 10

EmmaGS Tue 12-Apr-11 09:19:17

I live in LS10. My names Emma I'm 31 and have a 12 month old daughter called Chloe. Moved to leeds only in October last year so not been here long and don't really know many people up here and would be nice to have some other children for Chloe to play with.
Would be nice to meet some people local

missymoo2411 Tue 03-May-11 17:25:15

hi emma i have lived here all my life .. and your welcome to meet up with us at our tots group if you fancy it my kids are a bit older than yours lol my youngest is 4 i dont know how to pm you on here

EmmaGS Tue 03-May-11 21:39:02

Yes would be good to meet with someone local.
Which tots group do you go to? I don't know where/when any of the local ones are (the only ones I found where on days I was working).
Not sure how to PM on here either...

missymoo2411 Thu 21-Jul-11 19:34:52

hi emma sorry just being so long .there is nestfield family centre in belle isle tots wed ,fri am and toy library mon am. ,john st barnabis church and cafe bottom of belle ise rd think there tots is thus ,manor field hall just off town st, bottom end tots tue and thus am 9 till 11 term time only a mix off mums and child minders .then there is gym minis and soft play at middlton sport centre hope this helps also on netmums there is a meet a mum group .

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