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Calling Preston Tsarinas and others living in Preston - what's it like?

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wanderingfree Wed 06-Apr-11 17:20:23

I ask because we are thinking of moving to Preston for work reasons.

I have never been and can't visit before we make job applications so I'm trying to do as much research on the web as possible.

We have 2 DSs - 10 and 6 - so Yr5 and Yr1 in school. They are both doing great and love school, sports, swimming, hockey and forests/parks.

We would be looking to live in a suburb that has other families, ideally near the town, maybe walkable to the University of Central Lancashire? I would like to be to live somewhere where we can walk to a good junior and secondary school - so am wondering which suburbs to look into.

Any advice woiuld be much appreciated!

wanderingfree Wed 06-Apr-11 17:21:31

Sorry for typos - should have used the preview!

cantpooinpeace Mon 11-Apr-11 13:52:30

Fulwood, Broughton are 'best' areas close to town.

I live in Ashton, nice area not as sulubrious as F & B but a good mix of ppl. Also good mix of Schools and walking distance to Uni, infact my sister parks at m house daily and walks the 10-15 min into town/Uni.

Penwortham another 'best' area worth looking at. Hope this helps

melliebobs Wed 13-Apr-11 08:41:58

Fulwood and broughton are nice but if your wanting a quick commute into town traffic can be a bloomin nightmare especially broughton way! if your wanting to live in/near preston I can recommend penwortham (where i live! we chose where we are because there seemed to be lots of young families and i liked the idea of when we have kids them actually being able to play out on the streets and have other children to play with!) Having lived in preston for a couple of years the only difference is council tax is cheaper in south ribble! lol but penwortham is walking distance into preston if your in lower penwortham, a 5 min bus ride in higher penwortham. Avenham park/Miller Park/Preston Junction Nature reserve on your doorstep so plenty of woods/trails for cycling and walking. I don't have kids myself so can't comment on the schools apart from 'they have them'

dmo Wed 13-Apr-11 23:23:22


i live in Ashton and love it smile but be careful if you look in Ashton as people spread Ashton quie far wink

my children are 13 and 14 and love their school

melliebobs Thu 14-Apr-11 08:29:48

yer dmo i know what you mean when me n dh were looking to buy we said include ashto (we needed to be walking distance from train station) n they were giving us stuff right at the top of blackpool road where the high chool is! Then they were giving us 'ashton' that was more or less plingington n was a bit skankie studentville

nunnie Thu 14-Apr-11 14:05:46

I live in Inskip, but not really commutable as no buses and definatly not walking distance from University. I have also lived in Fulwood, which is nice and is walkable. As for schools I can't help mine weren't born when I lived in Fulwood.

Broughton has a nice secondary school I believe though have no experience myself. However in rush hour it can be pretty busy as it is the main route from the motorway to Garstang.

wanderingfree Thu 14-Apr-11 22:03:40

Many thanks for all comments. It really helps to get a few views as we know noone in preston. We are going to explore the suburbs mentioned - but we are also thinking of living in sheffield as we have family there and DH commuting to Preston. That may be crazy but seems worth exploring right now!

manyhands Sat 25-Jun-11 07:54:17

I live in Lostock hall and love it. It's a bit cheaper than Penwortham but maybe not as posh. The schools are good at least I rate Lostock Hall community primary highly as my kids go there.

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