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Primary schools in Stroud

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redhappy Thu 31-Mar-11 21:15:45

I may be moving to the area soon.Both of my children are preschool age, the eldest will start school Sept 2011, then younger one the follwing year.

I'm looking for primary schools with a nursery attached, or in very close proximity to use the funded 15hrs. Also, my eldest has some autism so I would really appreciate any advice/suggestions for schools that are known to be good for this (whether officially or anecdotally).

Greenshadow Mon 04-Apr-11 14:28:56

Can't really answer your question Red, but bumping for you.

A lot of the schools in the Stroud area are quite small and am not aware of many that have a nursery attached, but then I have only ever had dealing with a very few.

Of the ones I know, the only one that has an actual nursery attached is Gastrells in Rodborough, but have no idea how well they deal with SNs.

Other schools have playgroups either on the premises or very near by.

Do you have any particular part of Stroud in mind?

redhappy Mon 04-Apr-11 21:20:33


I have done a bit more research since I posted this. I've been looking at Gastrells actually. It has a speech and language unit based there apparently, and has been reccomended by a couple of friends too.

Initially I will be staying with family on Bath Road, so it's perfect as I don't drive yet. There is a private nursery on the school site, Jane Arnolds so I'm hoping to have a look there too and hoping by some miracle they have spaces for 2 children this late in the year! smile

Gosh I was tired when I wrote that first post- 'has some autism' hmm I think that was supposed to be has some sn/ autism.

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