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Calling all mums travelling in Sheffield…

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TravelSouthYorkshire Thu 31-Mar-11 16:19:41

...picture the scene. You need to get you and your little ones into town for the day, so, having been up since the crack of dawn watching cBeebies, you prepare to jump on an early morning tram to get your errands out of the way. The problem is, what seems like the entire commuting population of Sheffield has had the same idea. It?s heaving, you?re cramped, the kids are going mental and there?s barely enough room to swing a rusk covered dummy let alone a cat. Being a mum is stressful enough, and this is one more thing that you could definitely do without.

Despite that, we all know that the tram is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way of getting round Sheffield; so what do you do? Believe it or not,there is another way?. By 10am, as soon as the glum looking commuters have made it into work , the tram transforms into a completely different place; a place that you might actually like to be.

As if by magic, the tram suddenly becomes calmer and quieter (if only home was like that), you can see the floor and, shock, get a seat! Although only minor, these differences, can make a world of difference and give you a stress free journey. And when you start the day relaxed, you?ve got a much better chance of keeping it that way!

There?s no denying that the tram is great for getting you and your little ones around Sheffield, but why not save yourself the stress and effort of battling your journey with commuters, have that extra cup of tea in the morning, and travel off-peak instead?

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carpediam Fri 22-Feb-13 21:20:23

Am I the only one that is horrified by 'mums/care people with long finger nails ! that are a hazard to children .

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