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North East Somerset

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DoolallySally Sun 20-Mar-11 08:02:29

Is there really nothing in North East Somerset area? Everything/Everyone seems to be from Bath confused

kellestar Mon 04-Apr-11 21:18:46

There is it's just no-one updates it. It's the area I class myself as in, but always check the Bath/Bristol boards the most.

nowit Sun 17-Apr-11 08:32:58

There is (I live here too), just added to my local.
We should try and get a few more people doing the same thing?

MulberryBush01 Fri 15-Jul-11 16:16:31

Just joined and I am in Frome.. is there really nobody in the area using this board?? Frome Festival at the moment so there's lots going on! Love meeting new mum's and mums-to-be in the shop, pop in for look.

kellestar Fri 15-Jul-11 20:22:21

Went along to the Frome Festival last weekend, it's been really great and a first time for me and the little one. Why is it that I never knew about this little gem before? I am looking forward to so many little local events, I am most [sadly] excited about the Shepton Show [Mid Somerset Show] and the Frome Cheese Show. Can't want to take DD to them.

OooShiney Fri 15-Jul-11 21:00:54

Feel free to add any events to the directory. We would love to have a really good list, working as hard as I can to update but feel as I am based near you all and not a central bath-ite that there are things going on that I have no idea about. Pretty new to this but please feel free to add away.

Also the Local Services Directory is having new additions and don't forget that for sale listings are now FREE!

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