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has anyone rented out their home for the Festival? Thinking about it but need advice..

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fairylights Wed 16-Mar-11 20:43:21

We live about 10 mins walk from Princes St over the Dean bridge towards Stockbridge and have a 3 bed semi with garden, we figure we could be away with family for at least a week when the festival is on so would sense to make some money out of renting our place out, but wondering how to do this - if you have done it, did you use an agency?
remember seeing loads of places of gumtree last year but would be a bit nervous about doing this! Cheers

evitas Wed 30-Mar-11 09:06:36

Fairy I have no experience, but every time my mum comes to visit us for more than a week she rents a flat. The company she usually uses is Edlets. They have a good portfolio of properties, and they have always tried very hard to accommodate her needs. See their website and it might be worthy giving them a call to see what services they can offer you. In most flats my mum has rented the owners always ask for a deposit (usually around 100£) which they return at the end once they've checked the property is in good conditions.
Good luck!

ps - we need to book another coffee

DuplicitousBitch Wed 30-Mar-11 09:11:23

this is the one most folk use i think my friend did it.

WillPenn Wed 13-Apr-11 05:04:09

We rented our flat out a couple of years ago with Edinburgh Festival Rentals (they are an arm of Umega lettings I think). It was all fine and we made a ton of money!! The flat was occupied by a troop of actors and their director - all in their early 20s. When we heard this we were a little worried about damage, but they have to put down a £600 or so deposit and they were all poor struggling artists, so there is no way they would have trashed the place as they couldn't have afforded to. The flat was handed back in pristine order. EFR were excellent too.

fairylights Tue 03-May-11 22:11:10

thanks people - sorry I had forgotten I even started this thread! hmm
Things have moved on now and a friend of my of my dh's work colleague is an australian magician (!) looking for a room to rent during the festival which we could do, and would actually suit us better as ds is starting p1 in the middle of the festival so obviously we need to be at home then!
Anyone got any idea what would be reasonable to charge him for a room for B and B?
And Evitas - yes I am so sorry I never got back to you, will try to soon smile

Andrewp Tue 05-Jul-11 07:39:05

For people that still maybe interested in letting part of their property for the festival you can list rooms here. This option lets you make a little extra cash but without having to leave you property in the hand of strangers.

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