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New mum in BS

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Emandwilliam Sat 12-Mar-11 17:01:45

Hi I'm a new mum in BS my baby is 6 weeks old, I have lived here now for just over a year but as I worked in London I don't know too many people.

I'm keen to get to know more mums and babies (i have met a few already) so if anyone could recommend local groups, let me know.


anonymosity Sat 12-Mar-11 18:57:16

Have you contacted your local NCT - they usually have coffee morning groups for new mums - which can be great. Or if they don't you can volunteer to be contact for setting one up. It doesn't take a huge amount, just choose a time and a venue that suits you...

Is there a local YMCA / YWCA? they sometimes have this kind of thing, and baby / mummy yoga, baby massage that kind of thing. I would run a few searches online and look in windows for flyers and so on.

Sorry not to be location specific - hope this helps. smile

Emandwilliam Sat 12-Mar-11 22:57:59

Thanks so much! The nct doesn't seem to have a great deal going on in this area maybe I'll have a go at organising something myself!!!

KvetaBarry Tue 07-Jun-11 14:01:25

just seen your post, sorry to be late in replying!!/home.php?sk=group_114565374439&ap=1 is the NCT group locally, it's worth asking if they have any bumps and babes scheduled, I found those really useful

also look for BS mummy meetups, although they are NMs, and I've never been to one, a lot of friends have and love it.

and if you are bfing, the local LLL is great smile!/home.php?sk=group_121857364505836&ap=1

regarding groups, there is a playgroup on tues and thurs morning that my childminder runs at thorley community centre - feel free to pm me for the details, as I'd have to get them off her - she takes DS to it when he's with her smile

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