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Playmates for 2.5 yr-old daughter

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loveday888 Wed 09-Mar-11 19:03:25

Hi, moved to Bath in November with my hubby and 2.5 year-old daughter. I'm hoping to find some new playmates for my daughter, (and also for me - I'm 37 and work from home which isn't great for meeting people!) I'm also keen to hear about any good toddler groups that happen on a Monday or Friday... smile

mahalo Sun 05-Jun-11 21:54:12

Hiya Loveday888, I'm 38 and live near Bath (recently moved there) with my husband and 19 month old girl. I work part time but free on Mondays to play. Looking through the different toddler groups available and have tried a few out but just can't do the sitting in a circle singing thing-makes me feel a bit sick
; ) Much prefer a gym or other activity group. Might try Tumble Tots soon.
Hope to here from you (or anyone else reading this),

TandB Wed 15-Jun-11 19:59:15

I am just outside Bath and have a nearly 2-year old. I am currently up in London for work part of the week so not around very much for weekday activities, but I can recommend Baskervilles Gym on Englishcombe Lane. It has a website and they run several pre-school sessions which are great. One of them is on a Friday and we go if I am not working and DS is not in nursery.

nowit Thu 16-Jun-11 18:38:38

kungfu, are you me? grin
I live just outside of Bath and have a 2 year-old DD (also a 4 year-old DS and a 7 year-old DD) I work in London Tuesday-Thursday and from home the rest of the time.
We tend to do most activities at the w/e with the DC's as they attend nursery 3-4 days per-week and it is just nice to be home iykwim.
Baskervilles is great, we go to our local sports centre for Trampolining, football and gymnastics. Always worth a look (and tend to be a little cheaper?)

Perhaps we should attempt a Bath meet-up?

MogTheForgetfulCat Thu 23-Jun-11 22:28:19

Blimey, I remember when I used to work in London whilst living in Bath - didn't realise it was so widespread!

Can also confirm Baskervilles is v good - my DSs love it. Nice toddler group at Nexus church hall at the top of Walcot Street on Fridays. Not sure about Mondays. Pick up the Grapevine or Families upon Avon from the library - lots of listings in there.

I'd be up for a meet-up!

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