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Giselle82 Wed 09-Mar-11 02:42:02

Hello every one, my name is Giselle, I am 28 years old, I am looking into meeting up with mums (friends) around Salisbury and surrounding areas for a chat and a coffe. My boyfriend is in the Army and we will be moving to Salisbury at the end of May. We have a 3 month old little girl. I am originally from Peru and speak Spanish but my english isnt bad at all so dont be put off but the language barrier . I am sure I will be able to teach you some spanish if you are up for it . Looking foward to hear from you.


bopbop Mon 21-Mar-11 17:41:06

hi giselle, I'm sharon, I'm 39 & have 2 girls aged 5 & 7. We have just moved into Salisbury from Wales, my hubby is RAF, I'm rubbish at languages but my girls are fab1 Where abouts in Salisbury are you moving too. Its a lovely city!

crispyseaweed Tue 05-Jul-11 12:00:56

Hello guys, I am keen to meet. My youngest is 10 yrs and a boy, but I would love to meet new mums around Salisbury, and the school summer hols go on forever , so it can get very boring .!!!!

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