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Kid's Parties

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dappymum Mon 28-Feb-11 20:57:03


I'm New to MN so not sure how many people in my area will look at this but desperately seeking help for something different for an 8 yr old boys party. We've done all the Bowling/Kents Cavern/Soft Play. Does anybody know of anywhere a little different in the Tobay area????

Have obviously left it far too late as well with just a few weeks to go. And no I don't want it at home!!!

TreeHuggerMum1 Mon 28-Feb-11 21:56:11

I had my sons 5th party as a bouncy castle party at Dyrons / Newton Abbot Leisure Centre.
The BC was enormous and the kids had a wicked time.

TreeHuggerMum1 Mon 28-Feb-11 21:56:59

You can also hire the whole of bear Ft in Newton Abbot now so the older ones could run riot in there.

dappymum Mon 28-Feb-11 22:07:34

Hi TreeHuggerMum1

I didn't know Dyrons had a BC. I quite like the idea of that and know my son would love it. Many thanks

TreeHuggerMum1 Mon 28-Feb-11 22:09:57

Its fab, have done two year running. Thes a sports hall upstairs and they put up a huge BC and you get a party warden to help you with the kids.
You can do your own food or they will do it for you for an extra.
Min is 8 kids but thats not many, we had 20.
2 hr parties, and the staff are really helpful.

dappymum Tue 01-Mar-11 13:04:13

I have just been looking on their web site. I had no idea they did all that. It looks great and a little different. I will have a chat with my son when he gets home from school and keep you posted!!!

TreeHuggerMum1 Tue 01-Mar-11 15:00:46

Glad to help.

moajab Sun 03-Jul-11 09:43:31

Hi, I know this is an old thread but hope someone can help! I've just checked the dyrons website and it looks fantastic! I've noticed that the price on the website says it's for one hour - is that just the time for the bouncy castle. sports or swim etc.? And then you have extra time for the food, or is that the time for the whole party? If you bring your own food do they give you a space to eat it or do you pay extra to hire the space for food? Also what would be the oldest you would recommend a bouncy castle party? My eldest will be 10 next year, so I'm thinking a sport or swimming party would be better, but knowing him he would love a bouncy castle! But would he and his friends be too old for that? And perhaps better for my soon to be 7 year old?

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