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Mother and baby groups in banbury,

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cookielucylou Mon 28-Feb-11 00:53:49

I have only recently moved to Banbury, and looking for places to go with my 4month old son, all recomendations welcome.
Would also be great to meet up with other mums.

apples82 Mon 28-Feb-11 15:55:23

I'd be interested in this too, i'm near Buckingham, due to give birth in the Horton in Banbury...

ThePrisoner Sat 05-Mar-11 16:52:52

Cookie - I'm not a mum (well, I am, but my children are way past being classed as "children"), but work locally as a childminder so know of a few places - do you drive, or do you need places to be within walking distance?

cookielucylou Wed 13-Apr-11 00:19:59

Oops only just checked for replies. I don't drive so walking distance is best, unless there is a good bus service.

ThePrisoner Wed 13-Apr-11 17:52:52

Which area (roughly) are you in? Feel free to send me private message if you would rather not broadcast to the world!

Honeydragon Mon 25-Apr-11 19:38:32

I'm near banbury and buckingham if you or Apples wants to know localish stuff too smile

whomovedmychocolate Mon 25-Apr-11 19:53:30

Well there is Baby Bounce most morning at the Spiceball Leisure Centre - I think it's still £1.50 a child - 10 - 11:45. But that's more of a soft play thing from 0 - 5.

There are a few Surestart centres - have a look at Oxfordshire Childrens Information Service and they have a list. Also your health visitor should know the nearest mum and baby groups to you

kmarie2011 Sun 11-Sep-11 17:42:30

Hi, if you are still reading this, your son and my son are probably around the same age, mine's ten months now and I would love to meet up if you are interested! I'm in Banbury and would be delighted to do something with some mums!

pinkbuttercup Fri 14-Oct-11 00:08:44

I have just moved to the Banbury area too and would love to know good places for toddlers. I have a 2 and a half year old and another due in a few weeks. Soft play, music groups etc. We'd love to meet up with other mums and toddlers too. Any suggestions?

Myhusabandcantdance Tue 03-Jan-12 12:39:40

I live just outside banbury and have a 3yr old and a 3month old, There are lots of mum and tots groups both in banbury and surrounding villages and for soft play there is always rugrats but I am sure you have found that by now! I am just getting to the point of braving the unknown ( although a bit less unknown this time!) and looking for baby groups as my older child at nursery, so if you have found anywhere you think worth trying please let me know!smile

cookielucylou123 Fri 28-Dec-12 10:56:55

I forgot about this threadshock
My little boy is now 2 and i also have a 3week old baby, does anyone know of any groups etc which would accomodate both of them?

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