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EK wishing to socialise my son

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nurserymummy Sun 27-Feb-11 23:25:15

Hi there
I will be brief here as going to bed in 1 min and just want to put this on.

I am 32 year old married mum of 6 1/2 year old boy. My son is wonderful, funny, intelligent, popular but has difficulties in socialising and of course, I blame myself. None of my friends have children and I guess I have not made a big enough effort to socialise with other mums. I am hoping someone will be in a position to maybe chat and possibly arrange a meet up. I am apprehensive about meeting new people and like my comfort zone, but once I am among friends I am told I am a good laugh!

Ok, off to bed, hope someone takes pity on us!!!

carocaro Mon 28-Feb-11 20:58:10

what about his schoolfriends and their mums? get them over for a play and a cup of tea and cake after school?

Youngmum7 Wed 16-Mar-11 10:12:43

There are lots of after school activities in East Kilbride you could go along to, John Wrights have the Tiger Cubs, a martial arts club for over 3's, and they have gymnastics, trampolining etc, yous could maybe go along and he could socialise with other children there?

EKchunt Fri 07-Aug-15 20:46:38

agree with John Wrights and Tiger Cubs
great club for building kids confidence, and meeting 20 or 30 kids each week,

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