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Nuffield gym in Southfields, any good ?

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Summerfruit Thu 24-Feb-11 11:33:28

I'm thinking of joining but I will appreciate your views !

KCBA Sat 05-Mar-11 10:49:15

We were also thinking of joining last summer as it is a lot quieter than some of the local gyms. I was surprised that it actually worked out more expensive than Virgin Active (at least it was in the summer of 2010) and in the end we opted for Virgin Active. It has its pros and cons - it is quieter and you could be guaranteed your space but the cost is slightly higher and it has less variety in machines. If you live in Southfields its probably that bit more convenient, so you may make better use of it in a regular basis. However, if you are not after the pool, loads of machines but like the quiet the Wandle Gym is quite good (again we are speaking about last summer - so things might have changed). Wandle also has quite a few corporate packages (as do most places) so its worth checking out the slight discounts on offer.

ElizabethDarcy Tue 07-Jun-11 17:37:14

I live very close to Nuffield, but we've joined Virgin Active, suited us best.

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