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Can you suggest a place for a group of my friends to meet.

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Kewcumber Tue 15-Feb-11 14:10:12

Close to M4 for a group of us (from around the country) to meet up. Ideally indoor and outdoor places to sit and chat, picnic and cafe, playground. Possibly near Reading/Maidenhead/Windsor.

So far I have only come up with Bracknell science park but probably not so good to sit and chat if is raining but fine if weather is good.

The children range from 5 down to 1.

We are coming from Caridff, Oxford and London mostly.

Milliways Tue 15-Feb-11 20:43:46

Beale Park ? (Also better for good weather)

Bucklebury Farm

Rivermead, can walk along the river & feed the ducks & swans. There is a free carpark further along by the Holiday Inn if weather is good and you can but an Ice cream & coffee from the Kiosk.

I LOVE Odds Farm Park, but that is nearer the M40.

This site has a few ideas.

Have a nice time

Kewcumber Tue 15-Feb-11 23:20:02

Thanks that site is really helpful

VMumToBe Wed 02-Mar-11 16:07:55

A really good spot around 10 mins from the M4 is Active Tots
My 5 month old loves it but it's suitable for kids up to the age of 4!
Dinton Pastures is also nice and buggy / kid friendly. There's a nice cafe too.

Mum2tigers Thu 09-Jun-11 22:14:51

I would recommend the River and Rowing museum in Henley-on-Thames. North off the M4 at junction 8/9, easy to get to from Oxford.

Lovely museum, great permanent Wind in the Willows exhibition, good cafe and facilities, good parking. You can walk along the river into the town centre and there's a playground 2 minutes from the museum on the river front, large grass area between museum and river to picnic on too.

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