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Moving to Chipping Norton in 2 weeks!

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MrsGruffalo Tue 08-Feb-11 20:54:38

Hi everyone,

I am moving to Chipping Norton with my husband and DS (13 weeks) in Feb half term - really excited

Does anyone know of any friendly groups I could join so we can spend some time with other Mums and babies?
- Would also be great to meet some Mums I can share a bottle of wine with now and again (babies not required for all socialising!)

Can anyone also tell me where the nearest water babies class is held?

I'm supposed to start work again in May and will also be hunting for a good childminder (Mon-Fri, 9-5) if anybody has a recommendation?

Thanks, and look forward to meeting some of you soon


DOOFUS1 Tue 08-Feb-11 21:13:49

Hi, I live near Deddington but Chippy is a lovely place! Not sure of local baby groups round your way.
I have a 14month son and we go to waterbabies in Sibford bbut there may be swimming classes at Chippy?

EvaLongoria Wed 09-Feb-11 23:44:40

Hi, I lived in Chipping Norton but moved away 2 years ago. Still go often because inlaws live there.

When my DD was born we went to the The Ace Centre lovely place and the Health Visitors are based there as well. They might have their First Friends still on Tuesday afternoons where you can meet parents with babies under a year. It can be a bit cliquey but depends on you as a person. Once you are there you will soon find loads of other things to do and maybe more info about the swimming. We now live in Witney.

Re: Childminders, Chippy has a few probably about 5 now and its best if you get your name on a list very soon. One lady called Amanda lives in Overnorton just next to Chippy and she is very good with kids and might be able to recommend you someone. Amanda

Good Luck with your move.

regeneration Sun 13-Feb-11 17:17:23

I live in little compton, about 4 miles from chippy. The ACE centre is a surestart centre and they do lots of groups during the day (check out the link)

Swimming classes for LO's : -timetable.html

Give me a PM when you move and we can meet up and i'll show you and you LO around if you like.


MrsGruffalo Sun 13-Feb-11 20:11:43

Fantastic, thanks for the replies Will be in touch! x

NessaRose Tue 07-Jun-11 18:33:37

Hi MrsGruffalo, I live in Chippy and would meet up if you want.

drivechip Tue 08-May-18 17:20:12

Hi All, Anyone looking for a driving instructor in Chippy check out this Its the cheapest I can find.

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