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Anyone esle on the Isle of Wight expecting soon!?

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Mynabrid Sun 06-Feb-11 23:37:35


I moved the the island a year ago and am expecting my first baby in April.

I don't really know many people and wondered if there are any others in similar position out there? Would love to hear from you. I'm in Ryde/Binstead.


MummyElfie Wed 23-Mar-11 11:28:53


I'm expecting my third (and final!!) baby in May this year I live in Binstead!


Idlegirl83 Mon 16-May-11 21:31:34

Hi, I'm guessing you've had your baby by now!! I'm due in 10 days shock

Telula2 Mon 06-Jun-11 10:53:20

Hi ladies, I had my first in December and live Oakfield side until we move at the end of the year smile

laurebella Tue 07-Jun-11 11:42:50

I'm not due until September but I'm in Wootton so very close by smile

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